Salma Hayek, the selfie without makeup and with regrowth teaches a lesson in self-acceptance

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Salma Hayek shared a photo on Instagram showing herself with white hair, wrinkles and no makeup. “Me waking up and counting how many white hairs and wrinkles ruined the party this morning,” wrote the diva in the caption accompanying the most sincere (and rare) selfie there is. Rare because, as we well know, social networks are far from being places where we reveal ourselves sincere, real and without filters. Instead, the actress wanted to give us all a good lesson in acceptance and body positivity. Even if, let’s face it, Salma Hayek starts from such a beautiful base that it’s difficult to scratch… Yet the importance of this natural selfie of hers is high, for all of us, as Vogue well explains (we report the thought – which we share – of the famous magazine in the last paragraph of this article).

In recent times many divas are joining a social chorus of sincerity and acceptance, of which this recent selfie by Salma Hayek is the latest addition to the already long list.
Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Tracee Ellis Ross were among the pioneers of this trend, while a few hours ago another super diva showed herself with white hair: Jennifer Aniston (but she shared a shot with the mosquito a bit hoary in which she sponsored a cosmetic product for white hair from her brand LolaVie, which makes her choice lose a bit of a “social” message).

At the bottom of this article you can watch the selfie shared on Tuesday 6 June by Salma Hayek’s Instagram account.

Salma Hayek gives a realism lesson to everyone

For Salma Hayek, this is not the first selfie without makeup and with emphasis on what she herself defines as small flaws (wrinkles, white hair and so on, what society has instilled in us to be blemishes, even though they are the most natural things in the world). .
The 56-year-old actress is very versatile: she mixes breathtaking content on Instagram in which she shows off with very elegant red carpet looks (or with swimsuits that highlight such a toned physique as to make 18-year-olds envious) and then… photos like this one, where it is shown without filters and with a stark realism. These twists and turns that she offers us with natural shots among the super glamorous ones really want to remind her millions of followers that life is not only the one covered by red carpet, party and high fashion.

The importance of seeing a star like Salma Hayek without makeup

The photo posted on her feed on Tuesday June 6 is much more than an act of courage from a famous actress. That image bathed in natural sunlight that highlights the fine lines of her forehead and some gray hair is very important for all fans of this diva, as noted by the English edition of the magazine Vogue.

“It’s important to see a star like Salma Hayek without makeup. Stars who often make us the envy of their skin with a splendid golden glow, but who then face the visible signs of aging with grace and serenity. In a world full of retouching and photoshopped perfection, it’s reassuring to see a woman embracing her natural beauty from over 50 ”, reads what is considered as “ the bible of beauty and fashion ”, Vogue precisely.

Below you will find the selfie shared on Tuesday 6 June by Salma Hayek’s Instagram account.