Salman Rushdie, first interview and photos after the attack in which he was injured in the eye

First images and first interview of Salman Rushdie, from the terrible attack suffered last August 12 in Chautauqua, in the state of New York in which he was seriously wounded in the eye. The author granted an interview to the New Yorker on the occasion of the release tomorrow in the United States (and in Italy) of his latest novel ‘Victory city’ (in Italian ‘La città della Vittoria’, for Mondadori), a saga of love, adventure and myth, in 14th century India.

The selfie with glasses with a tinted lens

In the photo accompanying the article, in black and white, the author of the ‘Satanic Verses’ wears a pair of eyeglasses with a tinted lens, to conceal the serious wound to his right eye caused by the stab wounds of his attacker. “The photo in the New Yorker is dramatic and powerful but, more prosaically, this is how I am today” he then wrote ironically on Twitter accompanying a selfie of him.

Trauma after the assault

“There’s a thing called post-traumatic stress disorder,” confessed the 75-year-old author in his first interview since the bombing, revealing that he’s had a hard time getting back to writing. “I sit down to write and nothing happens. I write, but it’s a mixture of emptiness and garbage, stuff that I write and delete the next day. I’m not out of that forest yet,” he said. Rushdie explained that “the most serious wounds have healed” but that he still has problems typing on the computer due to a lack of sensation in some fingertips. “I was better off in life. But considering what happened, I’m not that bad,” he said.