Salman Rushdie, Saviano: “I fear that in the future he will still be seen as a target”

“He was right to give up protection, he won 30 years of life”

“Unfortunately I think this experience will ruin Salman’s life” Rushdie. “Beyond the suffering of the body, I fear he will end up under protection, which is really the worst for him. I fear that he will still be seen as a target in the future. And it’s terrible, because in all these years he had really managed to free himself from all this. “This was declared by Roberto Saviano, who, speaking with Bfmtv, expressed his support for the Anglo-Indian writer.

Salman Rushdie “he did very well to live without protection, because he won thirty years of life – said Saviano – The first years of life under protection after the 1989 fatwa were terrible: he had to constantly change his address, he had many policemen around him. Perhaps with a police escort the attack would not have been carried out, but he would not have loved as he loved, traveled as he traveled, written as he wrote “.

Saviano then paid homage to the Anglo-Indian writer, to whom he says he owes a lot: “He is a man who defended me, who advised me. He is a very intelligent man, very cheerful, he loves life”. “I was sure – he added, addressing him directly – that you would get out of this attack; a person like you, who has managed to overcome attacks of any kind … a knife would not have stopped you”.