Salmo and Noyz Narcos talk about CVLT: “Esteem and respect between us. Silver? Undisputed king”

An artistic union that is based on esteem (not just work) and respect. The collaboration with Maestro Dario Argento which makes “CVLT”, the first album together by Salmo and Noyz Narcos, even more legendary. Both, in their genre, have left their mark since day zero. And with this new adventure they aim, once again, to create something even more unique and legendary. A first taste came from the Marrageddon stage, on September 23rd, when – surprisingly – Noyz and Marracash started singing with Salmo. Then the confirmation and the album, which will be followed by live shows. We met them, here is our interview

An already cult album

How did the idea of ​​making an album that is already “Cult” and not just for fans of your music come about?

Noyz: We both knew we were a cult in our genre and for our fans. The union of the two “already cult” could only create an even greater cult…(then they burst into a laugh of satisfaction and Salmo makes a gesture of approval).

Salmo: We’ve known each other for a long time, since 2012. Being younger than him, I was a mega fan of his and I opened his live show in Sardinia, where I lived. From there we met and fought a couple of times… but then we made peace and made a record together. (Salmo’s tone is obviously very ironic)

“We are fans of each other: there is respect between us”

And what was the songwriting process like? How did you divide the work?

Noyz: The writing process is very simple. Once a base is identified that we both like (which is very difficult because he likes some things and I like others… getting to that point means having spent at least a day choosing and selecting samples, piano and bass turns and a thousand other things), just one input and you’re ready to go. Some with the mobile phone, some with the computer or pen, some with another thing, the base that goes on endlessly with the neighbors starting to scream “Enough please!” and after three, four hours (which could also be five or half an hour, or ten hours) I have my share and he has his. I record mine, he records his and then the chorus. Eh: the chorus!

Psalm: All it really takes is one input… I just need to hear two bars that you wrote and I understand. We understand each other.

Noyz: We’ve actually never fought because we’re big fans of each other; therefore, each of us welcomes what the other writes. The magic that is created in a music studio between two strong artists is exactly what makes you think: “Cool, yes, this is something cool”

“Working with Dario Argento? Incredible”

Tell us about what it was like to work with maestro Dario Argento

Psalm: We still don’t believe it… something incredible. Maestro Dario Argento is an Italian first, he is someone who has left his mark, many directors have tried to copy him… For us he is the undisputed King of his genre, and working with him was very instructive.

CVLT tour coming soon

We saw you together at Marrageddon and you are explosive. The first taste of CVLT came right from that stage, together with Marracash. Are you also thinking about a tour together?

Noyz: The records must first mature for a few months and then they must be played…We have already had live experiences together and they have been very functional and epochal, given the public’s response. And this is one of the reasons that led us to make a record together.

Salmo: For the moment two dates are planned, one in Milan and one in Rome, then the actual tour will come in a few months.

Esteem and respect bind you. Is this the secret of a friendship like yours, and not just artistic?

Noyz: Absolutely. Before sharing the studio we shared evenings, drinks, adventures, and that’s what gives you the confidence to then reach agreements. If you put two artists together from nothing, who don’t know each other, or something incredible comes out and the opposite.