Salsomaggiore, woman killed with cricket bat: husband arrested

The man was blocked by a young female carabiniere, free from duty, who had been called by the victim’s requests for help. The mayor of the city: “Today we write a sad page”

A woman was killed at home in Salsomaggiore Terme, in the province of Parma. The victim was hit on the head repeatedly with a cricket bat. The police arrested the husband. The man was blocked by a young Carabiniere woman, free from duty, who had been called by the victim’s requests for help. The woman, 57, and the arrested man, 58, are both Indian.

“Today a sad page is being written for Salsomaggiore. What happened this morning in via Trento is a very serious fact: despite the fact that we continue to repeat that ‘it must never happen again’ we are always faced with the same script”, he writes on social media Luca Musile Tanzi, mayor of Salsomaggiore Terme, commenting on the murder of the 57-year-old.

“Domestic violence is an intolerable evil that should never have a place in our lives. As a society – he adds – we must commit ourselves to fighting against any form of violence and work together to create a safe environment for everyone. This tragic event reminds us of the importance of being vigilant, of intervening when we see signs of danger and of promoting a culture of life and respect. I want to thank the policeman who, first, tried to stop the violence of the victim’s husband: a courageous action which, unfortunately , was not enough to save the woman’s life. We hope that justice will be done and that those responsible for this act will be held accountable for their actions before the law.”