Salvatore Aranzulla: “I might as well not work, I do it because I like it”

The technology communicator tells about himself in an interview: “I solve tech problems every day, otherwise I get bored”

The site that bears his name,, is visited more in Italy than Amazon’s. And in 2021 it declared a turnover of 3.8 million. But who is Salvatore Aranzulla? The man with the technological answers, who taught Italians to use the internet, goes to bed at 10pm, wakes up at 7.10am, takes a walk and spends the rest of the day at home. “I don’t want to be recognized”, he says in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

He therefore gave “utmost importance” to setting up his penthouse in the exclusive city of Citylife, in Milan: home automation for one hundred thousand euros, a system that “changes 80% of the air every hour”, armed guards in the garden, six shelves of high pastry manuals, his longest-lived hobby. The most recent is the gym: “I have 13% fat mass, I’m working to go down to 12. Perfect is 8%, but some functions are at risk. I mark the calories on an app.” And when asked why he is so interested in perfect balance he simply replies with a “I don’t like letting things go.”

The first article on his site, ‘How to install a printer’, is from January 2002. Even today, at 32, Aranzulla – who manages Aranzulla srl, one-man-band without employees, but only collaborators, growing from two decades – he programs code and studies contracts, does consultancy (at 10 thousand euros an hour) and writes. The site offers 15,000 pages on tech issues of every caliber, from ‘how to turn on the pc’ to how to choose an antivirus or a smartphone. “The site earns 50% from advertising,” 25% from affiliate links to companies. The remaining 25% are the courses I do, the collaborations in which I am testimonial. For two years now, I have canceled all my investments in Italian bank products, which are expensive and have awkward returns. I do it myself, “he explains, emphasizing that in reality” I might not work anymore. “” I do it because I like it. But as soon as I put my nose out of the office I go crazy: the world of work is full of runaways“.

On “runaways” he is unstoppable: “When I came to Milan, at eighteen, the site was earning 36,000 euros a year. I had to pay taxes, rent, Bocconi. It’s not like I could not work. . Today it seems to me that parents always defend their children, making them imbeciles. The models are illiterate rappers and tiktokers who leave school. But at fifty, what will they do? “.

Also on the “companies hire incapable young people to save money“argues:” I have to deal with it every day. They want a testimonial. They say: let’s set up a call. I ask first: do you have the budget? Answer: not for now, but let’s feel the same, if only for a greeting. A greeting? But what work do these unlicensable people do? Do you call? “.

Aranzulla then reveals that he would never change jobs: “On my thirtieth birthday I took a two-week break. I was lulled into the idea of ​​not working anymore: I could. But I was bored. In one day I finished my books by Agatha Christie, Netflix I was bored. Yesterday there was a process that took 68 minutes. My programmer and I have reprogrammed it, now it takes one. I enjoy it more like this. “

But when asked how she sleeps, she replies: “Bad. A thought or a glimmer of light is enough and I don’t fall asleep. Sabrina, my partner, went into bed last night with her smartphone. I would have strangled her. Sometimes she asks me if she can. hug me: love, I tell you, hug me tomorrow, I have to sleep “. What if you have a child? “She won’t sleep with me. Look, I have fifteen thousand lines of code to program today. One mistake ruins all of them later. There is precision. If you don’t sleep you don’t have it,” she says abruptly.

In the past he tried to go to the psychotherapist: “I’ve tried two. I had ulcerative colitis from stress and panic attacks. But it seemed useless. If the head of a large company gives me advice, I listen. But to these people. I didn’t value “. The panic attacks, he says, began when “in the gym I passed out under a hundred-kilo barbell: from there I started to suffer. I talked about it in one session, and I had an attack there too. The therapist didn’t know what to do. . Sabrina helped me. “