Salvatore Esposito was ‘Genny Savastano’ in Gomorra La Serie: who is his girlfriend? It was love at first sight

Salvatore Esposito played Genny Savastano in Gomorra La Serie, but who is his girlfriend? For them it was love at first sight

For five unprecedented seasons, Salvatore Esposito he played a pivotal character in the television series Gomorra as ‘Genny Savastano’. Together with Marco D’Amore in the role of ‘Ciro’ the immortal ‘, the two have conquered the television scene and the home audience that has not missed an episode aired.

Who is Salvatore Esposito’s girlfriend (Credits: Instagram)

The passion for acting has led Salvatore Esposito to obtain numerous satisfactions in the artistic field and in particular on the small screen. A resounding success that obtained with Gomorrah The Seriesbut do you know what work Salvatore Esposito did before he became successful as an actor?

The beloved Neapolitan actor has certainly come a long way to reach the heights of success, but he has certainly conquered audiences with his on-screen prowess. In fact, even when he took off the clothes of the ‘boss’ in the television series, we really enjoyed his performances in Davide Minnella’s film, The Perfect Dinner.

One success after another on the business level, but what do we know about Salvatore Esposito’s private and sentimental life? Well, his heart beats for hers, hers fiancée. Have you ever seen it? Between the two there was a real love at first sight!

Salvatore Esposito, who is the girlfriend and how they met: it was love at first sight!

Who is the woman who bewitched and conquered the beloved actor Salvatore Esposito? Well, since about 2014, Salvatore Esposito has a fiancée with whom he shares his life. Her name is Paola Rossi. She is not known to the public for being a television personality, in fact the girlfriend of the well-known actor is a face away from the screens. But she certainly appeared in some situations alongside her partner. How did the two meet? The story will amaze you.

With her audacity, Paola at the time an Erasmus student in Spain decided to contact the actor on Facebook. Salvatore Esposito, impressed by her young woman, noticed her and began to talk to us. In no time at all, the actor took a plane and flew to Spain to reach Paola. “It was love at first sight. I saw her emerge from behind a column at the airport arrivals, the first time. She threw her arms around me and they are still there“, The actor had said tenderly in an interview for Vanity Fair.

salvatore esposito girlfriend
Salvatore Esposito with his girlfriend (Credits: Instagram)

What does Paola Rossi do in life? She has a law degree and a master’s degree in entertainment law. She loves sharing shots on social media in which she is often and willingly portrayed next to her sweet half of her. Aren’t they beautiful together?