Salvatore Saba, his Haram is a hymn to disobey: the video

“Haram” is my new single, a song that comes from the desire to express my identity and my desire to tell myself without limits and fears. It is a hymn to inclusiveness, to the freedom to be yourself. In a musical world dominated by trends and clichés, I have chosen to challenge boundaries to break them down, carrying out my mission of expressive freedom. The text talks about two souls who meet in the desert, far from everything and everyone, but who have to face the difficulties of a world that does not accept them for who they are, due to senseless social classifications. It is a piece that looks the conventions in the face to overturn labels, the rules imposed by a society that does not understand the beauty of diversity, a society that does not understand how much we can enrich each other by drawing from the experiences of those we have. next to us, even, and above all, if he is different from us. We are all different in our peculiarities and extraordinarily equal in feelings and this is the magic.

I wanted to dig deep into my interiority and share a part of me that perhaps had never been so clear. I told myself that yes, the time had come to break the rules, to go against the grain, to be myself regardless of who and what surrounds me. For this reason, I chose the title “Haram”, which in Arabic means “forbidden”, because it seemed perfect to represent the theme of the song. I wanted to use oriental sounds, mixed with modern and pop elements, to create a contrast between tradition and innovation, between past and present, between what is allowed and what is forbidden. I worked again with the producers of Cosmophonix Artist Development, who as always knew how to give the song the right atmosphere and the right impact, both on a harmonious and emotional level.

“Haram” is a true ode to freedom of expression and authenticity, a fusion of bold sounds and powerful lyrics that instantly capture the essence of personal identity and the struggle to be truly yourself, unique in your wonderful peculiarities , in a world that still too often labels and marginalises.

The video clip that accompanies the song was shot in Olbia, my hometown, under the careful direction of Paolo Acquaviva. I decided to set the story in a place that is familiar to me, but at the same time exotic and evocative, to make the public understand that, sometimes, it is precisely around us that dangers hide, but, at the same time, that it is precisely It is from there that it is necessary to start to smooth out hostilities, without denying who we are, but expressing ourselves independently and beyond judgments and preconceptions.

With “Haram” I want to send a message of hope and courage to all people who feel different, marginalized, discriminated against for their way of being or of loving. I want to tell them that they are not alone, that they should be proud of who they are, that they can live their lives without shame or regret. I want to tell them that love is the most beautiful thing that exists, and that no one can stop us from it.

“Haram” is my call to disobedience to everything that chains rather than frees, a courageous cry to awaken one’s nature and pursue it without the fear of being judged, branded by a label that is nothing more than a veil aimed at masking the fears of those who affix it.

This release, and more generally my entire new project, wants to dedicate itself to the rights of the new generations, best representing the freedom of expression and life of each of us.