Salvini accuses Hamas for Gaza massacre, X Northern League profile seethes: “Shame on you”, “caution is needed”

It is an outcry against Matteo Salvini that starts on the social media profile Within a few minutes Salvini – who speaks of “data, in the form of videos, interceptions and geolocation analysis, which highlights the role of Hamas”, then adding that “historically Islamic terrorists have never had scruples” – replies dozens. Between serial haters, alleged bots, fake profiles and someone who shows his face, Salvini ends up in the meat grinder amidst accusations of lack of prudence, arrogance and bias.

DÔNGU writes: “Historically you are a lying thief, so anything you write or say is a lie to me. When there is “certain” and independent data then you will be able to comment, but now you are no longer credible anyway, you would be better off withdrawing.” @Rencartx adds: “But SHAME ON YOU. In fact, SHAME ON YOU. What Israel is doing is filthy, you are only able to say your bestiality sitting comfortably in your offices without being in the slightest aware of the reality of that place. More than two million locked in a cage to die, what God…”.

@SherifAshrafA does not hold back in his accusations: “You just have to shut up racist… you are politically dead, you support terrorist Nazi Israel and now you shamelessly cover up Israel’s war crimes.” And @jancarlosiani explains the words of the deputy prime minister, accusing him of being too unbalanced in favor of Jerusalem: “the fear of Israel does everything with our pseudo politicians, my goodness you make me ashamed of being Italian”. @milito_leonardo criticizes the timing of Salvini’s words (“‘Someone commented hastily'”, from what pulpit…”). Same line from @Bejje77: And you are a minister… In terms of hasty comments… Let’s say he knows a lot about it.”

someone reminds him of the positions of Moscow and the USA

@FFmari80 promises not to vote for him anymore: “You’ve lost my vote. Never again a clown!!!”, @fabio71962 accuses: “You’ve already issued a sentence I think, so don’t add bullshit to your already questionable tweet”. @mariarosariaFo8 invites him to be cautious: “But you are a minister and you represent me!!! Could you please be more cautious and express yourself in line with your role??”. Someone like @Mela936 dusts off old accusations against the League. “When will you pay the price of the 49 million? Historically you are infamous liars

@PenelopeVr46 writes: “stop pretending, it’s a situation in which prudence is fundamental, moreover you expose all of us to retaliation”, the same user invites us to follow Moscow’s example: “Look at what Russia is doing, active towards the UN and internationally, not shouting on Twitter”. Finally Fulvia reminds him of the American position (Biden doesn’t know, he says he will investigate. And have you already understood? Genius…).