Salvini: “Becoming premier? If you dream it, you can do it …”

Atreju host the league leader mentions Walt Disney

“If I ever dreamed of becoming premier? Sure, Walt Disney said: ‘if you can dream it you can do it…”. Atreju’s guest tonight, Matteo Salvini quotes Walt Disney when they ask him if he ever dreamed of going to Palazzo Chigi. “It is legitimate to dream, but what interests me is that the center-right returns to being the majority in Parliament and returns to the government”. “I would join a Meloni government and you would do the same thing … just as I would enter a Forza Italia government … ”. ” When we vote, we in the Lega are ready … ” Salvini says. ” There is an attempt by journalists to distance us and divide us, but Giorgia and I are united. The more journalists want us to fight, the more we love each other … ”. ” I will certainly sign “Fdi’s petition on presidentialism”, he adds.

” I don’t miss the Interior Ministry, I don’t live with regrets “, confides Salvini who adds:” I only miss the affections of the policemen, who meet me on the street and ask me ‘when are you going back to the Ministry of the Interior because we can’t take it anymore … ”.

Gianni Minoli who interviews him remembers that it is not his first time at the traditional party of the Italian right, strongly desired by Fdi. ” This time it’s different – explained the number one in via Bellerio – because it’s Friday evening and in homage to Giorgia I’m in Rome because for me, as a separated father, Friday is sacred because I’m with my daughter. But this year I am not in a radical chic living room, but I am very happy to be in Atreju. I dedicate this Friday evening to the future of our children ….”.

You, to get rid of Conte, hoping for the elections, then fell into Draghi’s web?”, provokes Gianni Minoli. Matteo Salvini doesn’t like it and immediately makes it clear: ” Let’s not put Conte and Draghi or Arcuri and Figliuolo on the same level … ”.

As for a question about Berlusconi and the Quirinale on whether he is a real or flag candidate? ” He is a real candidate … ” Matteo Salvini cuts short. ” A woman at the Quirinale? Ok but Berlusconi’s name is Silvio, not Silvia .. “he answers, then, with a joke when asked what he thinks of a pink tenant at Colle.” If Berlusconi makes different choices, we have more than one woman who can make the president of the Republic…”.

”I hope that the President of the Republic can be chosen with the participation of all, starting from the unity of the center-right. I will strive to involve everyone … ”.


Now I expect an apology from those reporters who have filled pages and pages with mud ” on the Morisi case, said the leader of the Carroccio, commenting on the news that the Verona Public Prosecutor has asked for the dismissal of the former Lega social guru. “Just a little while ago, Morisi’s request for archiving was filed”, he announced, adding that he hoped that “no one ever gags the net …”. ”They hit a friend, Morisi, to hit me … and in these cases I get pissed off like a buffalo … Take it out on me, not those close to me … ”.


Renzi has never been and never will be an ally of the center-right. We have the same name but a completely different past, present and future … ” Matteo Salvini once again specified. The leader of the League has returned to defend, however, the former premier on the story of the Open Foundation: ” What I can say, after reading his statement in the newspapers, is that it is a shame for a civilized country. I would also like to read the statements of some newspaper editor and I don’t want to read it … ”.


” I am not familiar with Di Maio, I do not send him messages and I do not go there to eat pizza … I do not understand why he was angry with me, I did not do anything to him … ”.


” When Letta moves the pawns ”, that is Draghi and Mattarella, “from one place to another”, like the “figurines of the Nativity scene, he does it not in the interest of Italy but of his party …”. “Does Draghi have flaws?”, Asks Gianni Minoli. ” Draghi has no flaws, and if he does have them they are few and irrelevant ”, replies amused the number one of the League.


In Europe we must be alternatives to the socialists, always and in any case. Pursuing them never leads anywhere. The EPP has forgotten the center-right to pursue the follies of the social-communists … In France I would vote for Le Pen ”, said Salvini. ” There is a way and a way to be in Europe – underlined the leader of the League – I would like to be a protagonist there. I would like the center-right to be the driving force and unifying force in Europe. We must be alternative to the socialists, always and in any case, because you never go anywhere in pursuit of the socialists. ”


” Who is in my gotha? Who are my symbols? If I think of two great Italians, among the many that there are, I think of two in particular, Vincenzo Muccioli and Rosario Livatino… One fought drugs, which is death, and in front of him you have to take off your hat … The other spoke with the sentences and not with the interviews … ”.


” Italy is a strange country, for decades there have been left-wing judges who are also politicians and today we discover this malpractice for Maresca “says Salvini.” I don’t want revolving doors, but it is curious that the problem is discovered in December 2021 … ”.