Salvini: “Bridge over the Strait will be built. Tav? France does its part”

This was stated by the deputy premier in two interviews with foreign media published in the French Le Figaro and in the Spanish El Pais on the day in which the owner of MIT flies to Luxembourg for the Transport Council of the European Union

The Strait Bridge will be built and France will play its part on the Tav. Deputy premier and minister Matteo Salvini says so in two interviews with foreign media and published today, in the French Le Figaro and in the Spanish El Pais on the day when the owner of MIT flies to Luxembourg for the European Union Transport Council.

The table

“I refuse to imagine that France could have changed its mind or only decided to slow down the works to finance regional trains at home. It would be such a lack of respect for Italy, but also for the European Commission, which has approved hundreds of millions euros for this Mediterranean corridor”, replies Salvini in the French newspaper on Italy’s behavior if France decides not to do its part on the Tav Turino-Lyon by 2032, as recommended by the Infrastructure Orientation Council) in February last. For the minister, a hypothetical slowdown on the Tav program by the French authorities would also be “counterproductive, because a cross-border project of this magnitude develops lasting wealth in the territory of the two countries.

The bridge over the Strait

Speaking of the stable connection between Calabria and Sicily, the deputy prime minister underlines that “it will make it possible to connect Palermo and Berlin”, giving substance to a project that has been talked about for decades with work starting “in the summer of 2024 to go into operation in 2032” managing to create “unprecedented work and wealth” for the South. On European funds, Salvini underlines that his ministry “does not intend to give up a single euro”.

The alliances

In El Pais, Salvini then confirms his satisfaction with the result of Popolari and Vox in the recent administrative elections, hoping that in view of the 2024 European elections “voters will give important numbers to the Popular, Conservative and Identitari axis”, underlining that the failure to merge centre-right groups in Brussels was impossible for “some foreign delegations”. A mistake, according to Salvini, because “a large right-wing family would have more weight” in Brussels.