Salvini, death threats on social media: “Fear no, lawsuit yes”

The leader of the League publishes the images of the message

Death threats to Matteo Salvini, who announces a lawsuit against the author of the message via social media. “Insults and death threats on Instagram. Fear? No. Lawsuit? Yes”, writes the deputy prime minister and minister of Infrastructure, posting a screenshot of the threats received, complete with the profile of the author who, among the insults, addresses the leader of He binds like a piece of s….”, saying he is convinced that “sooner or later you will blow up”.

“I strongly condemn the serious death threats addressed to the senator and deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini. My sincere closeness goes to him”, says the president of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa.

“Every time a representative of the people suffers a death threat it is a defeat for everyone, first and foremost for the institutions represented. Even today, I am sorry to have to comment on yet another death threat, multiple in this case, addressed to the deputy prime minister and minister Matteo Salvini , complete with the specification ‘I know where your home is’. I express a double solidarity and closeness, an institutional one to Salvini from minister to minister, and a personal one, as a friend and as a member of the Northern League who has known and esteemed Matteo for three decades”, says the Minister for Regional Affairs, Roberto Calderoli.

“I have already said it and I repeat myself: we are witnessing – he adds – a dangerous, disturbing escalation, which I hope is not underestimated by anyone”.

“The umpteenth death threats addressed to Matteo Salvini, who has been the target of insults and defamation for too long, are shameful and unacceptable. We expect a firm condemnation of this new verbal violence from all political forces, and an act of responsibility from those , even among commentators or opponents, feels free to be able to overstep the mark with shameful personal attacks by raising the bar of conflict”, declare the leaders of the Chamber and Senate of the League, Riccardo Molinari and Massimiliano Romeo.