Salvini: “In CDM 1 May substantial increase in payroll and pensions”

On the Pnrr: “It’s not a lottery, the priority is to spend everything but well”. On April 25: “La Russa? They pay me to do, not to comment”

“On May 1, we will hold a Cabinet meeting where there will be another big and substantial increase in payrolls and lower pensions.” This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructures and Transport, Matteo Salvini, on the sidelines of his visit to the Milan Furniture Fair. “I’m here – he added – also to thank the operators who, even in the dark years, didn’t give up, resisted and now allow Milan and Italy to return to the center of world attention: I’m very satisfied”.

“The Salone del Mobile is the representation of Italy that flies and Italy that grows”, he underlined. The event, now in its 61st edition, this year recorded “incredible numbers from abroad, an almost record number of exhibitors, a city full everywhere and it is the image of an Italy that has been recovering in recent months. From my point of view, it is catching up on infrastructure and construction sites and the economic situation is improving”.

PNRR – As for the Pnrr, the priority of the League is “to spend everything but spend well”, remarked Salvini. “I’m running like crazy from North to South, we’ll be at work on April 25 and May 1 as well to unblock construction sites, because it means work, speed and safety, therefore money to be spent yes by 2026, but to be spent well because it’s money on loan”, added the deputy prime minister.

To those who asked him if all the funds from the Pnrr will be used, the minister replied: “I count yes, but the important thing is that you use them well. It’s not the New Year’s lottery, in which I found 100 euros and I have to spend all 100 by midnight, otherwise I lose them. This is borrowed money, so the important thing is to spend it and spend it well. For example – he explained – if they gave me an extra billion against water dispersion, I would start building sites tomorrow morning ”.

DROUGHT’ – Salvini yesterday received from Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni the delegation to preside over the control room on the water crisis which will work on measures to “accelerate projects that have been stopped for too long, therefore dams and reservoirs, and to increase resources to combat water dispersion , because almost half of the water that leaves from upstream does not come out of the taps”, said the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport.

“There are also desalination projects, which we are importing from other countries and then the increase in the use of purified water in agriculture. It is something that can be done, so these are the immediate interventions, as well as praying for the good Lord to make it rain – added Salvini – We are catching up on water delays, we are making water safe and we are investing billions to save money. withhold and distribute water to citizens and farmers”.

To those who asked him whether private investment is also needed to combat the water crisis, the deputy prime minister replied: “The public must control, plan and organize, but without the contribution of private individuals we cannot manage, not only on the water crisis but also on the construction, on construction sites, on the bridge between Sicily and the rest of Europe, therefore the public must organize, plan and speed up. We have approved a procurement code that makes it easier and faster to work, if there are private individuals who want to invest in Italy they are welcome”.

25 APRIL – To those who asked him about the controversies that arose after the statements by the president of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa, regarding anti-fascism in the Constitution, Salvini replied: “I am the minister of public works, I deal with the future, not with comments that fill newspapers. They don’t pay me to comment, my goal is to unblock construction sites, create jobs and security”. As for April 25, Salvini said, “I will celebrate the liberation of our country, I will stay with my family for a while and I will work as I will work on May 1 and as we work wherever we are, because the Italians pay us to do it”. The deputy prime minister also avoided commenting on the words of Agriculture Minister Francesco Lollobrigida on ‘ethnic substitution’: “They pay me to work, build and unblock and do, not to comment”.

BERLUSCONI – Then, to those who asked him if he would go to see the leader of Forza Italia, who was hospitalized in the San Raffaele hospital, he replied: “I hear Berlusconi very often, but I don’t want to disturb him, so I’ll go see him, I hope as soon as possible, but when it’s beautiful serene and beautiful calm”. “Right now it’s only right to leave him with his family, so I respectfully stop at the front door,” he concluded.