Salvini: “In the EU, the League is not in small groups chasing the left”

Speaking at the workshop organized in Milan by the political school of the party, the Northern League leader said: “We are alternatives to the left, or we have lost. My aim is to consolidate the center-right.” On the tensions with Giorgetti he says: “The confrontation is beautiful, the controversy no “

“We are alternatives to the left”. In the EU, “the problem is not bringing the League into small groups that pursue the left, because if we pursue the left politically and culturally, we have lost. We have to write the agenda”. Lega leader Matteo Salvini spoke at the workshop organized in Milan by the political school of the party. Joining the Popolari in Europe “is not like ringing the intercom as if it were a Halloween trick,” said the League secretary. “My aim is not to follow the left, but to consolidate the center-right.”

Tensions with Giorgetti

The secretary also returned to the controversies of recent days with Giorgetti. To those who asked him if at the meeting of the federal council there had been a definitive clarification with the minister, Salvini said: “We talked about the future, because for me the controversies are an annoying waste of time. The comparison is beautiful, the controversy is not. “. Asked if the Minister of Economic Development will attend today’s meeting, Salvini replied: “I think. A contribution is requested from all governors and ministers, whether present or remotely. I am here, it is my city. Account that everyone bring their contribution “. To close the question, he added: “It seems to me that he had some problems of understanding or misunderstanding with Bruno Vespa but they will clarify it. I am not a mediator”.

Salvini: our strength has always been compactness

“The beauty and strength of the League has always been compactness, granitity and solidarity”, said Salvini closing his initial speech at the workshop of the party’s political school in Milan. “We discuss in the places where it is right to discuss and then we come out compact and united as one man. This is our school”, he added.

Salvini: on EU migrants do nothing, Lamorgese act

On the issue of immigration, the Northern League secretary reiterated that “there have been a thousand landings in the last hours, and arrests and kidnappings of tens of millions of euros for people who eat and steal through illegal immigration. Blocking departures means saving lives and protecting Italy. From this point of view Europe has not done it and does nothing. I expect the Minister of the Interior to do it. “Then he added:” For months I have been waiting for a meeting, at this point I do not ask not even anymore because I risk being annoying. If you plan to go alone between a rave party it’s a baby gang, best wishes to Italy “. “If Minister Lamorgese under the direction of President Draghi would like to discuss and understand how to intervene to block the landings, which are now reaching almost 60,000, I am available”, explained Salvini.

Fisco, Salvini: we aim to increase separate parents bonuses

Finally, on internal politics, Salvini explained: “In these days I am personally working to unlock the bonus for separated parents that has been approved and financed with 10 million euros, and is blocked for bureaucratic reasons. The goal is, by November, make this money available. It is 800 euros a month for separated or divorced mothers and fathers, who had difficulties at work during Covid and unable to pay the maintenance allowance. This is real life “.” By November – concluded the secretary – this bonus must be unlocked and indeed we are counting in Parliament to enrich it by cutting waste from the entry for citizenship income. The wastes that finance the income crafty ones. We need an amendment in Parliament and we are working on it “.