Salvini: “Man is what he eats, if he eats well he comes up well”

The leader of the League met with a delegation of buffalo breeders in Grazzanise

“Man is what he eats, if he eats well he comes to a good man, if he eats crap he comes to crap”. This was stated by the secretary of the League Matteo Salvini in Grazzanise, in the province of Caserta, meeting a delegation of buffalo breeders, who are protesting against the policies of the Campania Region on brucellosis.

“For this reason – he explained – I take care of things that others should take care of. It also happened with the problem of the Sardinian and Lazio farmers on the price of milk, when I was at the Ministry of the Interior. Nobody took care of it, there we took care of it, because it was an economic and social issue, but it could have become a matter of public order “.

Salvini told Grazzanise that “reviewing the PNRR will be a priority for the next government”. “The problem – he explained – is that half of the money from the NRP, with the costs of energy and raw materials increased, is not spent, neither in Caserta nor in Bolzano. The problem is not to take away from someone and give to someone other, it is to change the objectives and adapt the projects to the higher costs. If I have budgeted 10 million to build a bridge, and that bridge now costs me 20, if I do not review the costs, I do not take away some interventions and I do not add money on others interventions remain dry-mouthed in Lombardy, Campania and Puglia. We need to be faster, the money from the Pnrr must be spent by 2026. With the bureaucracy that exists now in no area of ​​Italy, spend all the money by 2026 “.