Salvini: “Pro Loco d’Italia is a national pride, preserving the uniqueness of our products”

“I remember many of you because I have attended many occasions related to festivals and meetings. The initiatives in the area have always seen me as a protagonist, not only for political representation, but for the pleasure of knowledge and appreciation”. This is the incipit of the brief speech by the Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salviniarrived at the Ergife Palace Hotel in Rome on the finale of the party for the Sixty years of Unpli.

The protection of Made in Italy is always in the foreground: ”I would like to know how it is possible that balsamic vinegar of Modena is produced in Slovenia – says Salvini – You of the Pro Loco are guarantors of the preservation of some of our real uniqueness. Every year, several billion euros are unduly stolen from our entrepreneurs by fake brands that appropriate the good name of our original products”.

Salvini greets with a joke: “Years ago in a TV show I was advised to abandon the career of minister and undertake that of representative of the Italian Pro Loco, given my very deep knowledge of many culinary traditions of our beautiful Italy. I absolutely did not find it an insult, even if the provocative intent was evident at the time. What’s wrong with appreciating so many beautiful places, foods and wines from our area? And then you hate me, because for a man who is perpetually on a diet like me, receiving continuous invitations is a temptation that is impossible to resist”.