Salvini: “Quirinale? Someone betrayed in the center-right”

The leader of the League: “Missing dozens of votes from Forza Italia and Coraggio Italia”

“The battle of the Quirinale lasted a week, someone from the center-right betrayed and disappeared, dozens of votes from Forza Italia and Coraggio Italia were missing to try to elect a center-right woman at the Quirinale. It was my commitment and it would have been a great sign for the country. ” Matteo Salvini to Radio24. “Nonsense. I have never met Belloni”, Salvini replies to a question on the subject, adding: “He is a person of the highest level he would have been an excellent president as well as Casellati, Carabia, Severino but my numerous attempts to elect a woman president they have been rejected and sabotaged by others “.

“In recent months – underlines Salvini – in the center right there was no team play and first lost the administrative elections and then did not make a good impression in the election of the President of the Republic“. “Self Is the League penalized for being in government? No, we are achieving a lot“, affirms the leader of the Carroccio, who adds:” Surely there are ministers who do not shine … I think of the Minister of the Interior but in a moment of crisis and fear like the one we have lived and are experiencing, I do not put myself at the window criticize others. I’m where you decide and I can make my contribution “.

“For someone who is in quarantine, Mastella is not the best way to start the day …”, continues the Northern League leader on the criticisms that have been addressed to him by Clemente Mastella. “I deal with more concrete issues such as energy, pensions, savings”. “Casini? Berlusconi is free to meet whoever he wants,” he says. “I start with those who have the same idea of ​​Italy as me and honestly I have little to do with Casini, Renzi, Mastella”, he adds.

“At this moment – Salvini reiterates – the national emergency for families and businesses is not the electoral law but blocking the increases in electricity and gas. An urgent decree is needed”.