Salvini: “Sanctions enrich Russia”

“Italian families are getting impoverished”

“With the sanctions Russia is getting rich, with the sanctions we are getting the exact opposite of what was expected: Russia is getting rich and Italian families are getting impoverished”. The secretary of the Lega Matteo Salvini told “Controcorrente” on Rete4. “Europe has decided on the sanctions, so it is Europe’s duty to protect Italian workers, pensioners and families. Action is needed now, not in October”.

On the domestic front, Salvini would like a doctor to lead the Ministry of Health, if the center-right wins the elections and is called to lead the country. “A doctor, not just any Hope”, as Minister of Health, he declared in the first place.

“A doctor who is balanced – he added – because the right to life comes first. Speaking of the right to life, I wonder what it means to oblige people to still wear a mask on trains. There are no doctors and this is why I wonder what are we waiting for to get back into service, to return the salary to the doctors who have been expelled? “.

“As Minister of Health I would like a doctor – insisted the leader of the League – I have an idea but I do not want to ruin someone’s life on Friday evening … I am thinking of a faculty dean, a primary, who takes care of children … I think he could be a great minister. With many greetings to Speranza and alla Lamorgese and company. But first you have to wait for the Italians to vote and win the elections “.

“In the center-right program there is no naval blockade. There is no need to do naval battle or deploy submarines. There are security decrees that have already worked. Just reintroduce them, because they worked and with which we basically had the landings of illegal immigrants have been eliminated, which, on the other hand, in these hours are repeating themselves by the thousands “, he affirmed.