Salvini: “The best time for fiscal peace, eliminating disputes and pending matters”

The message launched by the minister: “I try to apply a bit of common sense”. Dem Boccia: “Think only about amnesties, wink at tax evaders”

”What better time than this for a fiscal peace that eliminates the dispute between citizens and the Revenue Agency, and a building peace that frees the municipal offices from all pending issues?”. The Minister of Infrastructure, Matteo Salvini, launches the message during the conference ‘Infrastructure and transport development. Determined to change the future of Calabria and the Calabrians’.

”But if you have 20 centimeters of anteroom, window, gutter, veranda or basement that aren’t visible, isn’t it more normal to free the technical and municipal offices from those hundreds of thousands of files? The municipalities collect money and these citizens, after a lifetime, come into full possession of their homes”, explains the minister. ”I try to apply a bit of common sense” even if ”these are battles that involve attacks” in which one is accused of being “fascist, racist, selfish”.

Dem Boccia: “Just think about amnesties”

“We are in Pavlov, the conditioned reflex: the only thing Salvini thinks about are amnesties, of whatever nature they may be. Today in Calabria, a land unfortunately tormented by so many abuses, the infrastructure minister does not think about roads, ports or to the railways but to make money by winking at tax evaders by proposing new amnesties and agreements”. So the president of the senators of the Democratic Party Francesco Boccia.

“In the name of common sense, where common sense only means cheating honest and law-abiding citizens. Instead of worrying about helping businesses and families in the flooded regions with the necessary resources Salvini continues to incite abuses and the tormenting of territories already marked by construction ‘Amnesties for all’, this is the only housing plan that Salvini knows.”