Salvini trip to Russia, storm tickets: “No relations with Moscow ”

Russian Embassy ignites political clash, Pd, Calenda and Renzi attack. The silence of Berlusconi and Meloni

Matteo Salvini’s trip to Moscow is back to discuss. This time, the dust is ignited by a note in which the Russian embassy in Italy states that it “assisted” the secretary of the League and the “people who accompanied him in the purchase of airline tickets” for his trip to Russia. scheduled for 29 May last and then canceled. Assistance needed for the exchange into rubles following the “sanctions” due to the conflict in Ukrainewhich have suspended Rome-Moscow connections and make it difficult to purchase Aeroflot tickets from Europe.

The note, released in the early afternoon, probably to clarify the contours of the story and deny the rumors according to which the consultant of the leader of the Carroccio, Antonio Capuano, would have been given the money by the son of the head of the Gru (Putin’s military service) for the visit, it has the effect of a real ‘media bomb’, because it exploded in the middle of the electoral silence for tomorrow’s administrative meetings. The Democratic Party is the first to start the attack with its foreign manager, Lia Quartapelle, who asks: ” What was Salvini going to do in Moscow at the expense of Russia? Don’t tell us the lie that he was going to make peace … ”. Simona Malpezzi, leader of the dem group in the Senate, adds: “Instead of attacking the Democratic Party, Salvini explains the ambiguities of this trip”.

Matteo Renzi makes himself heard with a vitriolic joke: ” It seems it was also a return ticket. If it had only been one way, it would have been better … “. Carlo Calenda also goes hard:” Salvini is a dangerous person for national security “. The pentastellato Gianluca Castaldi, spokesman for M5S in the Senate is also caustic on social media: “ From Moscow they let us know that the (unused) tickets for the Papeete – Moscow trip, they had bought them. Ahahah they don’t know that here we had no doubts about it … ”.

In a few hours a storm overwhelms number one in via Bellerio. The leaders of the party do not speak, even the ‘Captain’ in silence. Many are struck by the timing of the diplomatic note, close to the municipal and the vote on the referendum on justice, strongly desired by Matteo. There is said to be embarrassed by what happened, there are those who, however, are not at all surprised by the reaction, considered predictable after the various changes of line on the ‘boss’ war.

The fact is that via Bellerio decides to make his voice heard, announcing complaints to those who, “starting from the media and politicians”, “have made or are making insinuations and accusations about a possible trip to Moscow”. No “free Kremlin ticket” and “no economic agreement of any kind with the Russians”, it is specified. And again, party sources insist: “The expenses for Salvini’s possible air travel have been entirely paid by the League, as confirmed and clearly explained by the press office of the Russian Federation embassy in Italy”.

In the center-right Forza Italia prefers not to speak, but among the Azzurri there is a strong embarrassment, especially among the ranks of the moderate anti-sovereign and pro-government wing. Silvio Berlusconi is silent and so is Antonio Tajani. No comment from Giorgia Meloni. At home Fdi only intervenes Ignazio La Russa, who cut short at Adnkronos: “ I have no reason not to believe Salvini on this story ”.