Salvini: “Work on the bridge from spring 2024, we will spend Pnrr funds on infrastructure”

During the Forum event in the Masseria, interviewed by Bruno Vespa, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure returned to the construction of the bridge over the Strait: “The works will start in spring 2024, the first machines will pass in 2032”

The works on the bridge over the Strait of Messina will start in the spring of 2024. Matteo Salvini is sure of this, speaking at the Forum in Masseria, in Manduria. The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport addressed the hot topics on the government table and the decisions relating to the Pnrr, during the review which will end on 11 June.

“Bridge work from spring 2024”

“For the work on the bridge over the Strait, the departure is scheduled for spring 2024, if I were more cautious I would say summer but I like challenges. I will see the first cars passing through in 2032, which is why I say that this majority must hold at least two legislatures I would really care, it would annoy me not to inaugurate it,” said the leader of the League. “I hope that politics will unite on the issue of infrastructure – said Salvini – the bridge will not be a cathedral in the desert. I too said it 15 years ago, but now we are investing billions in the infrastructure of Sicily and Calabria and the opposite will be true We risk speeding up the train to Reggio and then having a two-hour break there to cross the Strait”. Then on the topic of Pnrr funds: “We will spend everything and above all Pnrr funds well, at MIT we have 60 billion of these Pnrr funds and we will spend them on the macro such as high speed and the micro such as for student apartments, kindergarten , nursery or the barracks, if there is something that technically cannot be done in time because there are no microchips, I use the pnrr funds for something else” he added.

“The success of the Btp Valore makes the Mes useless”

Again the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport: “The record of the Btp Valore which yesterday raised 18 billion euros is an indication of trust not in a party but in the country, on the part of the Italians and unlike the Mes which would bind us to choices made by private entities in other countries, this money goes into the hands of the Italians. I share the soft position of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, the Mes, has now lost all appeal, need and advantage. We have the Pnrr and when you call the Italians to put their chip as in case of the Btp Valore you make an unprecedented record”. To Bruno Vespa who asked him if the Mes will be signed with the change of some conditions or never, Salvini replied: “Never is an adverb that in my human journey I have learned to use as little as possible, but I repeat that it is a tool or useful nor advantageous for Italy and for Europe”.