Samantha Cristoforetti: “Thank you, having flown twice a privilege”

After 170 days on the International Space Station a few days ago, with a spectacular landing in the Atlantic Ocean off Florida, the second adventure in orbit of the Italian astronaut protagonist of the ESA mission Minerva. Now, in a press conference, Samantha Cristoforetti talks about the emotions of her new space mission, after six months in space between 2014 and 2015. “Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to have flown twice, it was a privilege “, said the astronaut of the European Space Agency during the meeting with the press organized by the ESA astronaut training center in Cologne. “It was an intense and challenging experience from many points of view”, she underlined.

“Mentally I was prepared and at ease”

“From a physical point of view, the Russian suit is very stiff, and it was tiring to work inside. Plus it’s one size, and I’m at the low limit of height”, so “it was a great physical challenge,” AstroSam explained. the details of his mission. “Mentally, I was very prepared and at ease.”

Saccoccia (Asi), AstroSamantha “in great shape”

“From the moment of his arrival in Cologne AstroSamantha has faced the first tests, four hours only on the first day”, said the president of the Italian Space Agency (ASI). “From the United States he traveled with his eldest daughter, while the little one was able to hug him in Cologne.” Now he will have to face many commitments, which he will reconcile with family moments “, he added.” We will wait for you as soon as possible in Italy “for arrange a round of meetings after the flight.

Post flight rehabilitation

AstroSamantha will spend the next few weeks in Cologne, Germany, to face the rehabilitation after the long period lived in orbit in weightlessness and for the post-flight tests related to some physiology experiments that he conducted on the Space Station in the same Minerva mission. .