Same splendid smile and always ‘sly’ eyes: do you know who we are talking about? It’s really her as a child

Over the years she has kept the same splendid smile and ‘sly’ eyes: it’s her! Were you able to recognize this very tender little girl?

Who is this adorable little girl pictured in the photo? Obviously, we will take care of you to tell you everything in the smallest detail. Even if, we anticipate, we are talking about a beloved and highly appreciated Italian actress.

Over the years she has kept the same smile, did you recognize her? Photo Source: Instagram

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Born in Rome in 1964, the actress started taking her first steps into this world when she was just a little girl. Since then, however, it has never stopped. Film, theater and television actress, the splendid Roman boasts a truly impressive success. And, mind you, it also boasts of it on social networks, where it is very loved and very popular. Who are we talking about, though? Let’s find out everything together.

She has kept the same and identical smile over the years, she is the beloved actress as a child: did you recognize her?

All of us are used to sharing everything with our social audience. Even our Italian celebrities never miss an opportunity to do so. It is precisely for this reason that, sifting through his Instagram profile carefully, we were able to track down a shot from the past, which he shows us from girl. We don’t know how many years have passed since this photo, mind you. Despite this, however, we could not help but notice some ‘details’ that have remained completely unchanged over time.

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If you pay attention to the photo, in fact, you will not be able to do without how much the ‘smart’ eyes and that splendid smile are very familiar. Have you managed to figure out who we are talking about? The answer is really simple: Nancy Brilli. You read that right, yes! It is this beautiful little girl, whose age we do not know, to be represented in this photo. Tell us the truth: isn’t it beautiful?

The backstory you never imagined

Nancy Brilli is a very famous and beloved actress, yet we are sure that not everyone knows how she started to take her first steps in this world. From what we learn from the web and how, among other things, we told you in one of our articles, it would seem that a convict was a classmate of hers. We are talking about Vittoria Squitieri, daughter of the immense director Pasquale. It is through her, in fact, that the splendid Roman met the good Squitieri. And he had a very important first role. From that moment on, everything is history.

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same smile
Photo Source: Instagram

Would you have ever imagined such a background?