Samp-Milan, Giampaolo: “Right expulsion, I said cog ….. to the referee”

“My expulsion is right because I gave the referee co … one”. Marco Giampaolo, Sampdoria coach, expresses himself in this way after the 2-1 defeat against Milan. The Sampdoria coach was sent off in the final match by referee Fabbri.

“After Leao’s expulsion, which I think was sacrosanct, the referee directed one way, as if he had to somehow put it right. All the decisions were contrary and then I believe that we should not referee with arrogance, you have to withstand the pressure. The game is heavy, the stakes are important for both of them, not just for Milan. We must have respect for Sampdoria too, “he told Sky. “My expulsion is right because I gave him some co … but you don’t have to manage the yellow cards like this, you have to be more reasonable, otherwise you get carried away by the adrenaline of the game and you lose control. I have never been polemical towards the referees, indeed, I have great respect for them like my club but the management is wrong, apart from the fact that Milan are strong and have won “, he adds.