Samsung Bespoke Jet AI, the electric broom that recognizes floor types

The Korean giant continues to experiment with a new home product based on artificial intelligence

Samsung Electronics has announced the upcoming global launch of the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI, the company’s most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner to date with 280W of suction power that automatically empties the dust container and artificial intelligence (AI)-based features. Bespoke Jet AI will be available in Italy in the Satin Black version at a price not yet announced. The electric broom is equipped with the HexaJet motor which, with a suction power of up to 280 W, is the most powerful ever for Samsung. Weighing only 150g, it is designed to offer a more comfortable cleaning experience, with a 25% increase in suction power over the previous model and 52% motor efficiency. Samsung declares an autonomy of 100 minutes, the longest with a single battery among all its cordless stick vacuum cleaners. Its 4,500mAh battery has an 80% larger capacity than its predecessor, and has been optimized to maintain 70% performance up to 500 cycles. The broom is equipped with AI Cleaning mode, able to recognize the type of floor to obtain an optimized cleaning and at the same time maximum battery efficiency. With AI Cleaning mode, Bespoke Jet AI detects brush load and air pressure via sensors. Then this data is analyzed to classify the type of floor, and the resulting algorithm is automatically applied to optimally adjust the power and speed of the brushes.