Samsung launches an app to run the Galaxy on iPhone

Available in Italian Try Galaxy, a Samsung app that allows you to test the new operating system of Galaxy smartphones

Samsung Electronics has announced that Try Galaxy, the app that allows Apple users to simulate the experience of the Galaxy S23 One UI 5.1 directly on their iPhone, is available for download in Italian. The app gives you access to tutorial videos that guide you through using a Galaxy smartphone and lets you navigate the home screen, including the main Galaxy application icons, widgets, and navigation menus. Users will thus have the possibility of transforming the iPhone interface into that of the Galaxy S23, the top-of-the-range smartphone of the Galaxy S series, touching some exclusive features, relating to photo post-production, interface customization and the potential of Samsung apps. Through some demo videos, it is also possible to “simulate” the gaming experience available on the Galaxy S23, as well as other functions related to battery, privacy and display, allowing users to try customized Galaxy themes and simulate all the Interface customizations possible with One UI 5.1.