Samsung presents its vision for a smarter life and a sustainable future

Samsung Electronics today unveiled its vision for a smarter life and a more sustainable future. During Ifa 2022 press conferencethe company presented the renewed version of the SmartThings platform, which offers new opportunities for connectivity, personalization and sustainability, applicable to all categories of Samsung products. In the opening keynote, the most recent innovations introduced on household appliances, TVs, mobile and wearable devices were illustrated: an ecosystem of devices connected in an intelligent way to safeguard the environment, allow a healthier lifestyle and make every day more fun and engaging.

Samsung has integrated the SmartThings platform across all of its products, thus creating an inclusive ecosystem and an unparalleled multi-device experience. SmartThings enables consumers to get the most out of Samsung devices and from the products of other companies already in their possession. The platform simplifies and expands the connectivity of devices, allowing to customize and identify new ways of using products.

“With the latest innovations, Samsung can guarantee broader, more connected and smarter experiences“, underlines Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Europe.” We continue in our mission: to propose revolutionary solutions in order to support the lifestyle of users, offering new ways of entertainment, all without ever losing sight of the protection of our planet”.

With the aim of becoming the number one brand in energy efficiency, Samsung has combined the connectivity of SmartThings with the technologies that make their appliances more sustainable. Consumers can behave in a more “green” way thanks to SmartThings Energy, a system for monitoring the trend of consumption capable of returning data in real time, in order to facilitate the reduction of energy costs. By 2023, all Samsung products will be equipped with Wi-Fi and will offer the SmartThings Energy service, allowing consumers to intuitively monitor and reduce consumption. And that’s not all: Samsung will guarantee an additional 10% 2 energy savings compared to the highest class3.

By applying the solutions recommended by SmartThings Energy thanks to intuitive functions such as the AI Energy mode 4, users will be able to make progress in reducing consumption at home by setting compatible smart5 appliances in energy saving mode. There Bespoke Ai washing machine uses Ecobubble technology, which is based on artificial intelligence and transforms the detergent into bubbles that are quickly absorbed by the laundry. This guarantees the same degree of cleanliness with energy consumption reduced by up to 70% 6. Consumers can also reduce consumption thanks to the AI ​​Wash Cycle function, which identifies the optimal amount of water and detergent, allowing you to adjust the soak, rinse and spin times. The Digital Inverter motor of the washing machines and dryers is guaranteed for 20 years, as well as the Digital Invertor compressor of refrigeratorsthe longest warranty period ever offered by the company7: consumers can thus be sure of not having to replace the product8 in a short time.

For more sustainable entertainment, Samsung has introduced the SolarCell remote control, which recharges with simple exposure to light or radio frequencies such as those emitted by a Wi-FI router9, estimating that in 7 years it could avoid the disposal of over 200 million batteries. This year, the company is licensing this technology to the public, allowing other players to make their products more sustainable as well.

Samsung also helps protect the environment by reusing plastics dispersed in the ocean. The company reuses scrap fishing nets sourced from the ocean to create materials for manufacturing products including the Galaxy Z Flip4, Z Fold4 and Buds2 Pro. By the end of 2022, Samsung will have prevented more than 50 tons of plastic from being dispersed in the oceans. Finally, Samsung aims to create Net Zero homes across Europe through various partnerships. Together with Q CELLS, the company is exploring different ways to harness solar energy. With SMA, the leading brand among residential inverters in the European Union, the company will be able to connect more solar panels to SmartThings Energy. Samsung also collaborates with global companies in construction, residential automation and charging stations such as Abb.

Samsung’s commitment to healthy living is demonstrated by the wide range of connected devices specifically designed for wellbeing. From air quality control to healthier cooking to even pet care, SmartThings allows you to take care of the health of all family members. SmartThings Home Life centralizes all current SmartThings services, including SmartThings Cooking, Clothing Care, Pet Care, Air Care and Energy, in a single hub accessible from your smartphone. Users can thus control the different elements of their home life from anywhere. But SmartThings isn’t limited to appliances: it is indeed also accessible from Galaxy deviceslike those of the latest Galaxy Watch5 series.

With the innovative BioActive sensor Samsung’s Galaxy wearables allow you to monitor different body parameters to give you a complete picture of your health, whether at work or physical activity. Users can also monitor their sleep quality and receive ad hoc tips from sleep professionals. And with SmartThings, users are able to automatically calibrate the settings of their devices for a personalized experience, in order to create the most suitable environment for a night’s rest, or to adjust the visibility conditions inside the house during the day.

SmartThings livens up every day. Samsung offers viewing and gaming possibilities for everyone, as well as providing new ways of entertainment. Users have a wide range of viewing solutions, including microLed wall-mounted TVs, the Neo Qled 8K range and The Freestyle portable projector. News of 2022 and the The Frame television with Matte Display, which ensure optimal viewing of content with fewer reflections, offering realistic image quality in any light conditions. Thanks to the Samsung TV Plus service, users will be able to watch their favorite content wherever they want, and navigate seamlessly between screens.

Also gamer they have a wide choice. Odyssey Ark offers an unparalleled immersive experience, thanks to a 1000R curvature that envelops the player for total immersion in the action. Odyssey Neo G8 is a great solution for professional gamers, while those who want to use a single display for work and play can enjoy the flexibility provided by Smart Monitors. In addition, the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 offers a screen that doubles in size but always fits in your pocket: a great choice for those who want to play on the go. Samsung’s foldable smartphones are now mainstream, with more than double the units shipped to Europe compared to last year10. From September, Samsung will bring the latest innovations to even more users, with the new software featured in the Z Fold4, Flip4 and Watch5 also being available for previous generations.

Since openness and collaboration are crucial elements of Samsung’s philosophy, the company has partnered with some of the most prestigious names in the technology and entertainment industry to offer their users a unique experience. In 2022 Samsung launched Gaming Hub, an all-in-one platform to discover and experience games in the cloud, including those on the Xbox Game Pass NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Google Stadia, Utomik and Amazon Luna (only in the US market). Gaming Hub opens the possibility to play even for those who do not own a game console, thus expanding the community of gamers and making this hobby more accessible than ever.

Samsung has also tightened a partnership with Philips Hue to deliver immersive music experiences on Galaxy smartphones and tablets. When users listen to music on these devices, their Hue lights can automatically change color or dim with SmartThings’ music sync.

Movies, games and music: Samsung knows that entertainment is even more engaging when it evolves. It is precisely by researching captivating news for entertainment that Samsung has found a new partner in TikTok, to date the reference point for the most dynamic content creator community. Samsung and TikTok will work together to discover the most interesting creators and musicians of the moment and offer them unique opportunities.

Thanks to the integration of SmartThings devices, Samsung has the mission to improve the connectivity of products, but not only. The company is already enabling new experiences, healthier lives, better entertainment and more sustainable lifestyles. But this is only the beginning: together with the products of 300 other brands and 230 million registered SmartThings users, the possibilities for a smarter life are truly limitless.