Samsung Stackers, Tetris-inspired food container kit

Goal: organize the refrigerator in a smart way and reduce waste

Samsung announces collaboration with The Tetris Company to launch Samsung Stackers: A limited edition Tetris-inspired food container kit, the world famous puzzle, to organize the refrigerator in a smart way and reduce waste. The set of containers traces the seven iconic shapes and colors of the videogame tetrominoes (cyan, yellow, purple, green, blue and orange) to make it easier to store food inside the refrigerator or freezer. (PHOTO)

The new Samsung Stackers are also available for purchase in Italy, on the website, and the proceeds from the sales of the kit will be donated entirely to the European Food Banks Federation. During the pandemic, Samsung questioned Italians and it emerged that three quarters of respondents (75%) feel guilty for the amount of waste produced and three out of five (61%) became, during lockdown periods, more aware of their food waste. Furthermore, 74% of Italians believe that a better food organization system would help them reduce waste, and seven out of ten think that food would last longer if stored correctly. By stacking the Tetris-inspired colored blocks in various combinations, you will be able to better manage your food, optimizing space for leftovers, fruit and other foods.

“At Samsung, our mission is to develop products and solutions that become part of our customers’ lives, allowing them to manage their lives more easily, reducing food waste – explains Tim Beere, Senior Category Lead Cooling at Samsung – This is the reason that led us to team up with The Tetris Company to launch Samsung Stackers, a completely unique and fun food storage solution. Not only do Samsung Stackers have an attractive appearance and shapes that perfectly fit our refrigerators, making it possible to optimize the space available, but their sale helps to support the European Food Banks Federation in the fight against food waste “.

“We are delighted to be able to partner with Samsung in making the Samsung Stackers by offering really fun solutions for refrigerator organization and with a touch of nostalgia which starts from Tetris – says Maya Rogers, president and CEO of Tetris – It is a great thrill to see our beloved puzzle come back to life thanks to the Samsung Stackers. We are eager to see how our customers turn their refrigerators and freezers into a real match. “

The European Food Banks Federation is a non-profit organization that represents a network of 335 food banks from all over Europe, committed to the fight against food waste and the reduction of food insecurity. In 2020 alone, the network of charities that received food supplies from members of the European Food Banks Federation provided assistance to a total of 12.8 million people in need, recording a 34.7% increase over pre-pandemic levels of 2019.