Samsung, the new edition of Innovation Campus kicks off: scholarships in six Italian universities

The program involves six Italian universities of excellence in STEM training: University of Bari, Cagliari, Genoa, the University of Salento, Pavia and Pisa

The new edition of Innovation Campus is launched in six universities, a training program developed by Samsung Electronics Italia with the aim of offering students advanced digital skills, leveraging on new technological trends, such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cybersecurity and Internet of Things. According to recent studies, it has been calculated that the skill gap affects one in three workers in the OECD area and will have a negative impact on GDP, or lack of growth, by 2025 equal to 11% globally (source: BCG). These numbers show that digitization cannot be supported only by tax incentives or infrastructure investments but must be accompanied by programs aimed at offering the right skills to be able to seize the opportunities of new technological trends. In this scenario, Innovation Campus fits, a project born in 2020 and which has involved students throughout the country until now, with the aim of accompanying young people in a training course on innovation, to transform the future into the present and open new professional scenarios in the digital field. The new edition, starting in the coming weeks, involves six universities distributed throughout the country, six Italian excellences in STEM training: University of Bari, Cagliari, Genoa, the University of Salento, Pavia and Pisa.

The initiative consists of a high-level training course, focused on digital issues, which will be integrated with the university courses already started and for which training credits may be recognized: in addition to participation in traditional theoretical lessons, students will also be asked to develop a group project, to put into practice what has been learned and immediately immerse yourself in a concrete experience and thus approach the world of work. The project work must be a structured idea capable of promoting sustainable growth and a more inclusive society through digital innovation, with a focus primarily on AI. The main theme of the project work will be aligned with the research objectives of the University and with the missions of the PNRR. The course is aimed at the best students of the various universities, coming from degree courses in technical-scientific subjects, selected through a written admission test and a motivational interview. A commission made up of university professors and Samsung experts will then award a scholarship worth around 1800 euros to the students who have achieved the highest score, resulting from the sum of the final test and the evaluation of the project work.

“Digital innovation can make our way of doing business evolve and accelerate the growth of the country in a historical moment of uncertainty like the present one. But it is not just a question of implementing new technologies but above all of training human capital. To be able to take full advantage of digital, you need to equip yourself with the right skills. With Innovation Campus we want to be alongside universities and teachers and make a contribution to reducing this gap, supporting students in their training path through the acquisition of new skills, so that they can be promoters of positive change and social progress and economic. I hope that many more will be added to these universities in the coming months ”commented Anastasia Buda, Corporate Citizenship & Internal Communication Manager of Samsung Electronics Italia.