San Felice Circeo, on May 29 the Swallows Regatta organized by ANDOS

ANDOS (National Association of Breast Operated Women) organizes and promotes solidarity events every year, involving and exciting such as the one scheduled for Sunday 29 May 2022 (weather permitting, otherwise Sunday 5 June), which provides for a solidarity sport sailing in the waters in front of the coast of San Felice Circeo, called the Regata delle Rondini.

The sailing – organized thanks to the availability of various yachtsmen, the Circeo Yacht Vela Club, the Circeo 1 ° Cooperative, the Maritime Authority and the Patronage of the Municipality of San Felice Circeo – plans to reach a buoy a few miles from the starting line and the return to port. The guests will obviously not be asked for technical / sailing tasks, they will also be offered the opportunity to spend a few hours of serenity on board a sailboat and understand in a simple and direct way how a sailing boat moves with the wind and can reach any destination regardless of the wind direction.

All boats at sea will be invited to display an orange cloth (the social color of ANDOS) which will be waved as a sign of participation and solidarity. Various sailors will therefore make their boats and a minimum of their crew available to welcome the associated women, matched by lottery to each of the registered boats.

The Regatta of the Swallows will start at 10 am and must end in a time limit of three hours, after which a convivial moment will follow in the spaces in front of the port, created by the Volunteers of the Academy of Mediterranean Cuisine with the contribution of food products made available by some sponsors. In the port area, there will be an ANDOS gazebo where its volunteers will welcome the public who wish to be informed both on the activities of ANDOS and on the cancer screening programs of the ASL of Latina.

ANDOS is present in Italy with about 50 Committees and the mission of the Association is to take care of women operated on for breast cancer through various activities: psychological support, lymphatic drainage of the arm involved, nutritional path and group motor activity, occupational activity of group, free supply of wigs, cultural and recreational activities.

ANDOS also undertakes to increase citizens’ awareness of diagnostic anticipation by encouraging adherence to regional cancer screening programs, also to promote the multidisciplinary pathway of breast cancer treatment among women at the Breast Units. The volunteers, women already involved in the disease and not, work every day with enthusiasm to guarantee the above activities, completely free.