San Floriano lake is reborn in Tuscany

Today in the deterioration, the lake basin will return to be usable and can be used, as well as for irrigation, also as a source of water supply

Over 8 million investment for the recovery of Lake San Floriano: it is an important project for the southern area of ​​the Maremma that will engage the reclamation consortium 6 Southern Tuscany in the coming years and that will allow not only to restore the lake basin, today in degradation, to a condition of usability, but will make it possible to use it , as well as for irrigation, as a source of water supply for the nearby natural oasis of Burano, as well as a water tank for helicopters and canadair in case of fire.

“It will not be a simple intervention – observes Fabio Bellacchi, president of the reclamation consortium 6 Toscana Sud – In fact, the lake will have to be emptied, excavated and cleaned to make it return to a depth of 10 meters, also taking care of the fish fauna according to the indications , which the experts will give “.

The project was born following the agreement for the protection of Lake Burano, stipulated in 2003: a long process, which finally comes to an end and which provides, through a loan of 5,879,660 euros from the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, the consolidation of the dam and the realization of the bottom and surface discharge, allowing the reduction of salinization. At the end of this intervention it will therefore be possible to fully use the work, allowing to invade the entire expected volume of water, equal to approximately 900,000 cubic meters.

The next lot, for an investment of 2,200,000 euros financed by the National Irrigation Plan, will make it possible to build the irrigation system, which will serve approximately 400 hectares and over 50 companies, guaranteeing considerable water savings. “We foresee the start of the works between June and July; the expected duration is two years ”, explains Roberto Tasselli, Design Area Manager of the Reclamation Consortium 6 Toscana Sud.

For Francesco Vincenzi, president of the National Association of Consortia for the Management and Protection of the Territory and Irrigation Waters (Anbi), this project “is an example of what should affect at least 90 other basins in our country, as we have identified in the our Plan for the Efficiency of the Hydraulic Network of the Country. Their total reservoir capacity is almost 698 million cubic meters, but over 72 million are unusable, because they are occupied by sediments, a consequence of progressive silting following years of lack of maintenance. Bringing them back to full efficiency would involve an estimated cost of around 290 million euros, capable of activating at least 1450 jobs“.

Not only. As Massimo Gargano, general manager of Anbi recalls, there is a need “to complete 16 basins that are not completely or not used at all. With an investment of approximately 451 million euros, the capacity of the network would be increased by over 96 million cubic meters. hydraulics to retain water, guaranteeing a water reserve, decisive in the face of the climate emergency; not only that: a further 2,200 jobs would be activated. These are elements of lack of growth, penalizing the economy of the territories “.

Interventions such as those involving Lake San Floriano and the Burano Oasis represent “the only way to counter the dramatic consequences of climate change. – underlines Fabio Cianchi, coordinator of the WWF Oasis of Maremma – It is a work of fundamental importance because it involves two Sites of Community Importance, which together with the Orbetello lagoon represent a functional ecological unit. Even in the past year, the lake risked a dystrophic crisis, due to drought, high temperatures and the sewage drains of Capalbio Scalo. As WWF we will remain vigilant alongside the reclamation consortium, so that the lake of San Floriano can return to its original beauty, when the surface was covered with white water lilies “.