San Francesco, praise in the Senate Hall but 6 people vote no to celebrations

Against the bill of ex M5S senators, also ex minister Lezzi who says: “But what parties, only hustlers”

From right to left, the Senate praises St. Francis of Assisi. But six of them vote against the feasts for the patron saint of Italy and four abstain. Occasion is the bill that plans to celebrate the anniversary, in the year 2026, of the eighth centenary of the saint’s death. “Today, more than ever, we must confront one of the greatest intellectuals on earth”, recalled Emma Pavanelli, Umbrian senator of the M5S. “Francesco reminds us of the intimate relationship between man and nature”, she says sorrowfully, explaining that we “of the earth are only administrators, not owners”. A series of interventions follow one another which exalt the figure of the saint.

Someone ventures analogies with the conflict in Ukraine, citing the example of Francis “who was against war, in particular against the holy war”, says the dem Francesco Verducci with reference to the crusades. “Today the war bleeds Europe, today it has meant bringing his thoughts to life”. Then the Northern League player Donatella Alessandrini who recalls “the path shared with all the actors involved”, expressing the joy for a bipartisan choice. “We are proud as Umbrians of San Francesco”, she says again, applauded by Senator Pillon. “We hope that his protection will also reach all peoples today tormented by events that we never expected”. Loredana De Petris quotes the Song of Songs.

A choral appreciation, which, however, at the time of the vote, compared to the 181 senators in favor, recorded ten votes between against and abstentions. The names are those of former senators of the M5S, merged into the Mixed and the Alternative group, Margherita Corrado, Mattia Crucioli, Bianca Laura Granato, Virginia La Mura, Barbara Lezzi and Vilma Moronese who say no. Instead, Rosa Abate, Luisa Angrisani, Elena Botto and Silvana Giannuzzi abstain.

“I voted no because I am against the hustler,” says Barbara Lezzi. “I – he assures AdnKronos – I have nothing against the Saint, imagine, October 4 is also the date of birth of the M5S”. “But the bill is very badly written, there is nothing cultural, all economic activities that have nothing to do with Francis of Assisi”, adds the former minister for the South. “I – he concludes – have no confidence in the Minister of Culture Franceschini “.