Sanctions Russia, Letta: “Salvini is a danger for Italy”

The attack by the Pd secretary on the leader of the League: “He is close to Putin”

Matteo Salvini relaunches on the modification or even the elimination of sanctions against Russia. He does it first in Fano: “It is the only case in the world in which the sanctions that should stop Russia, to bring Russia to its knees, on the other hand, than punishing the Russians are punishing the Italians. So obviously someone made a mistake about him. “The secretary of the League repeats it on Twitter:” Are the sanctions working? No. To date, those who have been sanctioned are earning, while those who have imposed the sanctions are on their knees. Evidently someone in Europe is getting it wrong: rethinking the strategy is essential to save jobs and businesses in Italy “.

Words that trigger the harsh reaction of the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta, who on Twitter comments on Salvini’s twitter: “I think Putin would not have said it better”. In the evening, in Reggio Emilia, he increases the dose, also involving the rest of the center-right: “The coalition, whatever Meloni says, has a choice that is profoundly ambiguous on one of the most important issues today, that of Russian aggression. “Ukraine. Salvini close to Putin, pro Putin, who supports Putin’s theses, is a real danger for our country”. New thrust by Letta from the stage of the Reggio Festival: “Obviously it is a choice that is against us, and the idea that we give the government of our country in the hands of the fifth pillars of Putinism in Italy, is one more argument to fight until the end, vote by vote, house by house, street by street “.

Brothers of Italy distances themselves from Salvini. It is Senator Giovanbattista Fazzolari who gives the away to the secretary of the League: “Decisions such as support for Ukraine, the sending of weapons and sanctions, must be agreed with Western partners, and Italy must remain compact It is unimaginable – underlines the loyal Giorgia Meloni to Adnkronos – that a government on the Ukrainian question follows a different line from that of its Western partners“. Salvini wants to rethink the sanctions?” It is a wish from the leader of the League, but it cannot be a line of government“.

And if from Forza Italia the national coordinator Antonio Tajani speaks of “just sanctions”, explaining that “the priority is to lower the cost of energy and this must be done with a European ceiling on the price of gas, this is why action is needed. joint of the whole Union to remedy the just sanctions that have been inflicted by Europe on the Russian Federation “, the more” draghian “part of the center-right has no doubts: no step backwards on the sanctions.

“Italy must continue to give maximum support to Ukraine, with no ifs and buts. And the European Union must absolutely not take any step backwards on sanctions, just and necessary, but help people and businesses to support consequences of the sanctions “, states the political leader of Noi Moderati, Maurizio Lupi. “We want to be clear: the effects of a split on the Western front would be devastating for Italy and Europe and the economic and geopolitical consequences far more serious than the current ones. Therefore, continue, without hesitation, on the path traced by the Draghi government. “.

Senator Gaetano Quagliariello, national coordinator of ‘Italia al Centro’ echoes him: “A conflict, whether conventional or unconventional, is never a gala dinner. There are no sanctions that aspire to be effective that are painless for those who it imparts. It depends on the value one attaches to the principles in which one believes “.