Sanctions Russia, Salvini: “Go ahead, but we need a European shield”

The leader of the League asks Europe for “a shield for bills as with Covid”. And on Meloni he adds: “No division, a common pro-West program is authentic”

“If we win the elections, we’ll go to government with a foreign minister who might be in here, we will go on “with respect to sanctions on Russia,” but Italian entrepreneurs and workers cannot lose out, we need a European shield“. And therefore” we will go ahead with the path of punishment of the regime that attacked, but protecting our entrepreneurs and our workers “. Because” winning the elections by inheriting a country on its knees would not be a great satisfaction. “The leader said so. of the Matteo Salvini League speaking at the Ambrosetti Forum in Milan.

“The European protective shield – adds Salvini – lowers speculation tomorrow, nuclear power will bear fruit in seven years, we extract all the gas possible, we regasify as much as possible, but since I believe in Europe, Europe must believe in Italy”. And therefore “I expect immediate protection because I represent the Italian people, not foreign interests”.

This morning, as a guest of Rtl 102.5, Salvini reiterated that “sanctions don’t workwhoever invades a country is very wrong, we have always supported every help to Ukraine, several months have now passed and the gas bills are even being paid triple, the war goes on and Russia’s coffers are filled with money “. “This – he explains – is not an opinion, they are numbers”.

“We ask that Europe, as for Covid, put a protection shield, cover the extra bills that families are paying, otherwise we risk a million jobs in September”. “Should we change the sanctions? Very well, the important thing is that Europe covers the expenses for businesses and households“, he reiterates.

“The Economist and Scaroni say that the sanctions in Moscow do not work, but let’s keep them because lifting them would be a sign of failure, the League then asks for a European shield” to cover the costs of the bills of Italian families and businesses “we must have it immediately, to September, this shield “. “It is right – he explains – to sanction Russia which has invaded a country”.

As for the rumors of friction with Giorgia Meloni, Salvini explains: “We spoke yesterday and I see her again today, smiling because some newspapers invent quarrels that do not exist”. “There is a program written together, that is authentic, there are no divisions”, he warns. “Sanctions will remain in force” for Moscow “for this reason we ask for the European shield”.