Sanctuary, the Italian trailer of the film with Margaret Qualley and Christopher Abbott

A pair of stars of the future, Margaret Qualley (Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood) and Christopher Abbott (Comma 22, Possessor) are the protagonists of sanctuarya murky game of sex, power and control. Zachary Wigon (The Heart Machine), critically acclaimed director, signs this thriller which will arrive in Italian cinemas from May 25, distributed by The Wonder Pictures

sanctuary, the plot of the movie

Wealthy heir to his father’s hotel chain, Hal Porterfield (Christopher Abbott) has a long-standing professional relationship with dominatrix Rebecca Marin (Emmy nominee Margaret Qualley); win-win relationship. But in the aftermath of his father’s death, it’s up to him to take over the reins of the family business and therefore decides to put an end to their meetings. However, Rebecca doesn’t really agree.

Insisting that she shaped Hal, making him perfect for this new leadership role, Rebecca tries to use her innate talent for manipulation, seduction and coercion to convince him to repay fairly the priceless contribution she has made to his growth. Over the course of an emotionally charged night, a mental tug of war ensues between the two in which the balance of power swings from one to the other as each tries to gain the upper hand. Hal has no hope? Or is Rebecca’s erratic behavior all part of an act?

sanctuary, the cast

Margaret Qualleymaid, Once upon a time in… Hollywood) and Christopher Abbott (Paragraph 22, Possessor) star in SANCTUARY, directed by Zachary Wigon and written by Micah Bloomberg (Homecoming). The producers are David Lancaster and Stephanie Wilcox of Rumble Films (Whiplash, The Jackal – Nightcrawler) with Hype Studios’ Ilya Stewart and Mosaic Films’ Pavel Burian. Executive producers are Carole Baraton, Elizaveta Chalenko, Yohann Comte, Maxim Dashkin, Pierre Mazars, along with Margaret Qualley and screenwriter Micah Bloomberg