Sandra Milo, Fellini’s muse, has died at the age of 90

Sandra Milo has died, she turned 90 in 2023. She passed away in her home and among the affection of her loved ones as she had requested. Her family made it known. “Sandrocchia”, as she was nicknamed by Federico Fellini for whom she was a muse, was one of the most popular actresses of Italian cinema. Born in Tunis on 11 March 1933 (born Salvatrice Elena Greco), she has carved out an iconic role for herself in the collective imagination with her participation in films such as General Della Rovere, Juliet of the spirits And (in which she was Carla, the lover of director Guido Anselmi alias Marcello Mastroianni). She was then a television face and her last show was in 2023 Those good girls, broadcast on Sky.

The carreer

Raised in Tuscany, she made her film debut in 1955 The bachelor, next to Alberto Sordi. Her particular voice and her plus-sized physique immediately gave her an unmistakable connotation. Her success came with Rossellini with General Della Rovere in 1959 and with two films by Antonio Pietrangeli (Adua and her companions from 1960 and Ghosts in Rome of 1961). Then the decisive meeting with Fellini who wanted her in and in Juliet of the Spirits. The two also had a clandestine relationship that lasted 17 years. In the two films she plays the role of a fatal and uninhibited femme fatale. She won a double Nastro d’Argento for best supporting actress. In the following years you worked with Luigi Zampa and Dino Risi. At the end of the 1960s you stepped away from cinema for about a decade. In 1973 Fellini would have wanted it in Amarcord in the role of Gradisca but gave up. She returned to acting in 1979 in some genre comedies and in the meantime she began an equally successful television career.

Television career

After an experience in radio (The early bird in 1975), in 1977 with the help of his friend Maurizio Costanzo, he landed on television, on the talk show Goodness to them, on one of the evenings that she defined as among the most important of her life. Then came the collaborations with Mixers with Gianni Minoli and the hosting of Little Fans on Rai 2. She involuntarily entered the history of Italian television also for a bad taste telephone prank against her: on 8 January 1990, during the afternoon broadcast Love is a wonderful thing, which she hosted on Rai 2 in the 1989-90 season, a female voice informed her live that her son Ciro was hospitalized in serious condition following a road accident. Milo couldn’t hold back his tears and ran away from the study in despair, screaming his son’s name. Her screams were covered by numerous broadcasts, making them popular enough to be mentioned in the song The strange family by Gaber and Jannacci. It subsequently inspired the title of a satirical program on Italia 1: Ciro, Target’s son. He later worked at Fininvest and then Mediaset. He has alternated appearances as a commentator with roles in TV dramas. In 2003 she returned to the cinema with The heart elsewhere by Pupi Avati while in 2005 she was in the reality show Back to the present and in 2010 he participated in theIsland of the famous. In 2021 you received the David di Donatello for lifetime achievement. Since 2022 she has been one of the protagonists of Those good girls, on Sky, with Mara Maionchi and Orietta Berti (in the second edition Marisa Laurito replaced Berti). Finally, she was among the protagonists of the series Accidental gigolo.

Private life

Her love life was very eventful: she was married at 15 to the Marquis Cesare Rodighiero with whom she had a son who died at birth and from whom she divorced after 21 days (a marriage later annulled by the Sacred Rota); she then became involved for 11 years with the Greek producer Moris Ergas who made her debut with Rossellini and Pietrangeli, from whom Debora, a television journalist, was born; then a subsequent union with Ottavio De Lollis with the birth of Ciro and then Azzurra. She has repeatedly declared that her great love was actually Bettino Craxi, the socialist leader with whom she was linked in the mid-80s for a few years, while she was married to De Lollis.