Sandro Ruotolo saved in hospital: “Sedated and intubated, they caught me in time”

Twelve days in resuscitation for a bronchospasm that blocked his breathing: “I can tell you about it because I’m alive and the national health service saved my life”

“Finally the worst is over”. To write it from the Roman hospital where he is hospitalized is Sandro Ruotolo, victim of a bronchospasm on October 23 last year which risked killing him, taking his breath away. “Only now – wrote the journalist on Facebook yesterday, also posting a photo from the hospital bed – can I tell you what happened to me in the last twelve days. And I can tell you about it because I am alive and the service saved my life. national health care of our country. They caught me in time “.

“Sunday, October 23. A bronchospasm blocks my breathing. I call 118. The ambulance arrives in 4 minutes. I immediately lose consciousness. Red code. Sedated and intubated for two and a half days. And then – writes Ruotolo – resuscitation in a Roman hospital, for all these days until the passage to the ward, which took place this afternoon (yesterday, ed). I publicly thank these women, these men, doctors, nurses of the public health service. Everyone, absolutely everyone, I thank them for their passion, professionalism, commitment. I know that many friends have prayed for me in the most dramatic moments. And I will thank them forever. I wanted to wait to get out of resuscitation before speaking publicly. Long live the national health service of our country! “, concludes the Journalist.