Sangiovanni, very unpleasant news: “I’m so sorry ..”, the announcement freezes the fans

The very young Sangiovanni in his Instagram stories gives a very unpleasant news that freezes all his fans: “I’m so sorry ..”

Saint John, the young singer originally from Vicenza has recently discovered that he is among the big finalists at the Sanremo Festival, but a message launched by the person concerned on social networks freezes his fans.

Sangiovanni: very unpleasant news that freezes fans (Source Instagram)

Singer Saint John in just one year he has already achieved many satisfactions in his career that has just started. He was the finalist of Friends 20 for the singers category, finishing second, behind her beautiful Giulia Stabile. His song Malibu was one of the summer hits and his song Lady it went quadruple platinum. The ultimate joy for Saint John was the news of his participation in the next Sanremo Festival, where he will sing side by side with the greats of Italian music. However, a cold shower arrives for all his fans, and to break the news is the singer.

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Sangiovanni: very unpleasant news for the singer

Saint John publishes on his stories of Instagram a news that has certainly blown away all his fans. The singer announces that the upcoming tour that would start in January has been postponed. His words reveal the sorrow for this news: “Raga what to say, I’m very sorry that the dates have been postponed. I was looking forward to seeing you and singing with all of you ”. The probable reasons for this postponement of the tour could be the pandemic situation in our country which is not yet ready to fill the stadiums, or the imminent participation of Sangiovanni in Sanremo.

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Sangiovanni very unpleasant news
Source Instagram

This reason would seem to be more plausible, considering the commitments planned for Sanremo they would prevent the singer from carrying out other demanding activities such as a tour. The message away Instagram continue with Saint John that in fact explains: “Fortunately Sanremo will be involved, before May, and it will be an opportunity to be on stage and to see me again and to sing for all of you”. The tour dates will therefore all be moved to May 2022. There will be 11 dates that will touch the main Italian cities from north to south.

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Fans of Saint John they will have to wait a little longer before enjoying the live music of their favorite, but in the meantime we can see him at Sanremo 2022.