Sangiovanni with his concert at the Assago Forum teaches us to fly. The review

A few minutes from the start, the Assago Forum is packed with people of all ages: there are mothers with children, even very young ones, teenagers who rehearse his songs, older people who have not accompanied anyone, but are here to the pleasure of listening to Sangiovanni. And to find out who knows what surprises he invented for this very important appointment. Yes, surprises: no one knows what will happen tonight, and that’s what makes this concert even more awaited. From the date in Rome, a few days ago, it was only understood that there will be guests, dancers and lots of fun. But you know, with Sangio you never know what to expect. “It will be a party, our party” he said announcing these two very important dates, the first of his career in the arenas, after a long tour that took him all over Italy, with more than eighty thousand people present. Yes, eighty thousand.

“Mariposas” double platinum in Spain

For a guy who started his artistic career just two years ago, who is still incredulous for the results obtained, and not only in Italy. His “Mariposas”, version of the single “Farfalle” brought to Sanremo 2022, is double platinum in Spain and for weeks was the most broadcast song on Spanish radios, even surpassing Rosalía, a Catalan artist who will take the stage of the Forum on December 1st of this year.

“Fluo”, the new single, opens the show

The wait ends at 21.20, when the lights go out and a video is projected directly from the backstage, in which Sangiovanni is seen preparing the last details before going on stage: he puts on the earphones, exchanges a few words with his collaborators, passes for the dressing rooms of the guests and with a felt-tip pen he writes question marks, as if to leave an aura of mystery about who will accompany him on this musical journey of almost two hours. Then the first notes of “Fluo” start and the shouts of joy from all present. Sangiovanni materializes on stage and sings the last single, which everyone already knows by heart. Then it’s time for “Scossa” and “Corto circuit”, one of the songs contained in “Cadere Volare”, his first album released last spring. Together with Sangio a band of three elements that makes everything more special (Riccardo Sciré, artist, musician, author and producer is also the musical director of these two dates).

“This is a party, our party”

Time for three songs and Sangio shares the first emotions with the audience: it doesn’t matter if there are two or nine thousand people, the atmosphere is the same. And perhaps the reason why he is so loved and supported is precisely this: he makes everyone participate in joys, and not only, in the same way, not excluding anyone. “What have we experienced in two years” – he says. “This is a party our party. I hope, one day, to be able to reciprocate this affection. I wish you all to fall and learn to fly. And remember that I will always be here with you to hold your hand ”he says, a little excited (even though he hides it very well). Then, however, he starts the music again: everyone stands up to sing “Lady”

Play of light, conscious stage presence: Sangio has grown and matured (and it shows)

With “Lady” the Forum is a party, then it’s time for “Non +”, one of Sangiovanni’s first successes. Then the first – of the many – intimate moments of this live, is lived with “Lost in the dark”, a song that tells the moments in which Sangio felt lost. And here also comes Madame, a lifelong friend, who believed in him from moment zero and who, at the end of the performance, lets herself go to a tender embrace, signing priceless affection and friendship. It is not obvious that two artists want a sincere good and do not hide it, and this makes Madame and Sangio even more beautiful and genuine.

Six dancers embellish the show

After “Lost in the dark” we start dancing with “Due di notte”, before arriving at “All night”, when the dancers enter for the first time: Elia Fiore, Massimo Farina, Mattia Fasan, Samuele Barbetta, Federico Prendin and Giulia Stabile, also as a choreographer. Elegant dancers, who embellish Sangiovanni’s performance, without ever being intrusive. But on the contrary: they delicately tell the words of each song through delicate and refined movements, moving through the language of dance. It’s not easy, but they do it perfectly. And it is good to remember, because the dancers are not

Here is “Serial killer”, the long-awaited novel

After having sung “Farfalle” and having introduced the band, here is the long awaited moment: “Serial killer” is the new song that Sangiovanni presents to his audience, also here embellished by the dance troupe. Then the notes of “Tilt” start and Mecna arrives, then Sangio intones “Gamma rays”, “Hype”, “Mint cigarettes”, “swear words”, “What people are we”, “Gucci Bag”, before dedicating himself a space more intimate. Accompanied by the piano, Sangio sings “Mon amie”, “If you help me” and “Heaven give me the moon”, in a Forum made even more special by the lights on. A few minutes of darkness and then you hear “Malibu”.

“Thanks to all of you but also to me, who haven’t given up yet”

The party is at its final notes, those of the success “Malibu”, which sees the dancers on stage again, for a perfect conclusion, of joy and enthusiasm. Just as Sangio had imagined it, when he talked about these two dates. Sangio who thanks his record company, his team, those who have been close to him in these two record years, the dancers (yes, Giulia Stabile is his girlfriend, and Sangio wanted her next to him in this so important adventure also for the important artistic skills she has as a dancer and creative). Then at the end, a message that he addresses to himself: “Thanks to me, I haven’t given up yet”. He could have kept it hidden, but he said it in front of nine thousand people. That’s why Sangiovanni teaches us, more than ever, that you can fall, but flying is even more beautiful.

The concert lineup



Short circuit

Fall Flying

Get lost


Not +

Lost in the dark with Madame

Two in the morning

All night long


Serial killer – unreleased

Tilt with Mecna

Gamma rays


Mint cigarettes


What people we are

Gucci Bag

Mon amie

If you help me

Heaven give me the moon