Sanremo 2022, Amadeus: “No to pink quotas, women who deserve in the cast”

The conductor and artistic director rejects Fimi’s proposal: “It would be offensive, in art you can’t”

“With great respect, I disagree. I have never chosen a song based on the gender of the artist. It would be a big mistake. I choose the song based on the beauty of the song.” So Amadeus responded to the proposal of the CEO of Fimi, Enzo Mazza, to include 50% of women in the cast of Sanremo singers.

Interviewed this morning by Luca De Gennaro, artistic curator of Milan Music Week, Amadeus added: “Then of course it depends on the number of songs that are presented. If among the young people, out of 800 candidates there are 200 or 300 women, it’s not my fault. among these 300 there are always artists who have good songs, important appearances. And in the cast of Sanremo Giovani there are because they have strong songs, they are not there because I have to give quotas to women. In fact I find it even offensive towards them I have to say: I have 10 places available, 5 must be women and 5 men. Because you can get to put 5 men or 5 women in order to reach the quota and not because they deserve it. Music is art and art cannot have quotas: you have to be guided by emotions, by the path, by history, by a true honesty. That said there are fantastic women with beautiful songs in every edition of the festival that have given men a hard time. a is the most important thing. Don’t create a preselection, “he stressed.

And he sends back the proposal of quotas put forward by Fimi to the sender: “The music industry could start from within. Except for Caterina Caselli for Sugar, the leaders of the big labels are all men. And also of musical associations”, underlined Amadeus.


“I have known Fiorello for 35 years and, whatever he does, I know a week before. Never much before. With Fiorello I did two festivals that are a joy, because he is a brother. I hope he decides to be there also in the third one. . He is now doing theater, he will decide it as he did in the other two festivals. At any moment the doors are wide open for him. ”


“Marcuzzi? I cannot confirm or deny. Sanremo is like that, you only realize it by doing it. There are rumors that surprise me too. There are incredible news, lists where maybe two or three names are right and the rest wrong. But it’s right. so be it. Sanremo is this. We must accept it “, says Amadeus on the indiscretion of ‘Chi’ on the presence in Sanremo 2022 of Alessia Marcuzzi as co-conductor of three evenings of the festival. And he admits that sometimes indiscretions become suggestions: “Maybe among the many rumors you can think of names that you had not hypothesized”.