Sanremo 2022, Amadeus to the final squeeze on the Big: crazy names

According to new rumors, the announcement could take place before December 15

At the announcement of the cast of Big competing in Sanremo 2022 exactly two weeks left. But the toto-names have been going crazy for weeks and some indiscretions begin to turn into almost certainties. Amadeus should communicate i 22 Big chosen by the artistic commission of the festival during the live broadcast on Rai1 of the final of Sanremo Young which this year will promote two singers directly in the February race. There will therefore be a total of 24 artists to compete for the victory, without distinction between New Proposals and Big.

The task of Amadeus, with hundreds of artists, even very successful ones, in search of the festival showcase also to compensate for a live activity still reduced due to Covid, is not easy. After a first skimming, the conductor and artistic director has worked in the last few days – according to Adnkronos – on about forty names, which he has had to reduce by half anyway. AND in these hours the first invitation phone calls would be starting, also in view of the call for the announcement on the evening of 15 December.

But the mouths of all the insiders are very stitched. And every prediction is at risk of being disproved. Many have tried their hand at more or less reliable lists, in specialized newspapers and on social networks. This morning ‘Chi’ also tried, who tried a list of 16 artists out of 22 citing Emma, ​​Elisa, Boomdabash, Rector with Ditonellapiaga, Tecla with Alfa, Rkomi, Aka 7Even, Ariete, Orchestraccia, Giovanni Caccamo, Le Vibrazioni, Giusy Ferreri, Moro, Il Tre, Eugenio in Via di Gioia with Elio and Gianni Morandi. But even in this list not all the artists mentioned may have entered the final squad. In fact, many other names have been circulated with insistence: Ariete, Blanco, Tommaso Paradiso, Coma Cose, Margherita Vicario, Nina Zilli, Ghali, Mahmood, Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, Merlene Kuntz, The Kolors, I Ministri, Vasco Brondi, Dardust, Rocco Hunt (with Ana Mena?), Fast Animals Slow Kids, Valentina Parisse.

In short, making predictions is very difficult. Amadeus has repeatedly reiterated that his lighthouse in the choices is the song and not the name of the artist. And strong ofManeskin effect and the good performance in the rankings and especially in the airplay of last year’s Sanremo pieces (‘Very light music’ and ‘Call me by my name’, just to name two) will be even more oriented to follow his instinct as a former DJ rather than suggestions and self-nominations. And with this in mind, it is not excluded – according to what Adnkronos learns – that the announcement of the 22 names will be brought forward with respect to the scheduled date of 15 December.