Sanremo 2022, Emma wins FantaSanremo: “It’s eternal glory”

He is the artist with the most bonuses, followed by Dargen D’Amico and Tananai

Emma won the FantaSanremo. Among the artists competing in Sanremo 2022, she is the one who scored the most points at the fantasy, who tonight also communicated the winners among those who played online, forming teams of 5 singers in the competition. Emma won by totaling 525 points (some obtained in a daring way, such as the one awarded to her for being chased by the Carabinieri in Sanremo). In second place Dargen D’Amico with 395 points, third step of the podium for Tananai with 365 points.

To complete the top five: Elisa in fourth place with 360 points and Highsnob and Hu in fifth with 350 points. Emma learned the news by connecting to the direct Instagram of the announcement: “I’m too happy. I won the Sanremo 2022 and I didn’t even have to scapezzolare! Then next year all the artists to score points instead of Papalina will have to say Emma Marrone”, he joked.

Then in a post on his social networks he added: “I won the FantaSanremo! Eternal glory. It was super fun! A kiss to all the organizers and thanks to all the people who wanted me in the team and remember: a captain, there is only one captain! “, He said referring to the advantage that the teams that have chosen her as captain have had. with his victory.