Sanremo 2022, Ferilli show: “Tonight 3 at night, survival courses”

“Great results so far, then maybe” today “we won’t do a c …”

Sabrina Ferilli is preparing to live the final evening of Sanremo 2022 as a presenter alongside Amadeus The show of the Roman actress begins in a press conference, well before the kick-off of the Festival. “We will arrive at three in the morning, we will do survival courses“, the Roman actress jokes.” I am really happy and applaud this great success, from ‘external’ – referring to the ratings of the previous evenings -. We must be happy when things work, when we manage to hit the target and make 100: it should unite us all because the good result for the public company like Rai is a result for everyone. Then, maybe, tonight we won’t do a c … “.

The Festival reaches the finish line dodging the covid, between emergency measures and protocols. The actress in the conference is struggling with the ‘put on and take off’ mask and the Plexiglas separators. In the end she spreads her arms and exclaims, in her true Roman dialect: “If we all get sick, what do we care? By now ‘Sanremo’ will be over, it will mean that they will admit us all in a group …”.

I will not sing and I will not dance, I proposed to Amadeus to make a train, both naked, but did not accept. Who knows, in an upcoming Sanremo … “, he adds. Maybe, to the next Scudetto for Roma?” But there is a risk – replies to the Giallorossi reporter – that when it happens, the ‘scaffolding’ will no longer hold up! “.

The actress intervenes between one question and another, including compliments to the correspondent of Radio Esercito (“He deserves an applause … I would live in a barracks!”) And jokes about the extra-large lineup of the Festival: “Is Gianni Morandi still alive? Did you show him at 2 am …”.

“Everyone likes Sabrina Ferilli, she is in full target for this Festival. My son told me ‘have you thought about the presenters? You can’t not let her come … Sabrina Ferilli cannot be missing at your Festival… ‘. I am happy that in a young Sanremo, which everyone likes, there is Sabrina Ferilli for the grand finale “, says Amadeus.