Sanremo 2022, Jovanotti: “Let’s vote Morandi, Gianni are all of us”

The post on Instagram for the last evening of the Festival

“Last night of the festival … Let’s vote for Morandi !!!!!!!!!!!!! Great strength Gianni you are all of us! And thanks for this wonderful experience”. Jovanotti is the type for Gianni Morandi as the last evening of the Sanremo 2022 Festival kicks off. Morandi can aim for victory, especially after the excellent result obtained with Jovanotti in the fourth evening, dedicated to duets and covers.

“This was a beautiful edition, with very beautiful pieces in competition and an excellent cast of artists. Gianni Morandi and I talked to each other at the beginning of September and from that phone call the idea was born to present a song written to Amadeus by me and sung by him (who like all great performers are “authors” because they bring the pieces to life). I got to work and with the help of Riccardo Onori we developed an audition that I had done in April and that was there waiting “, writes Jovanotti on Instagram.

“In short, in December we learned that Gianni was admitted to the race. From that moment a row of good things have happened”, he continues. “And so tonight Gianni is in the final and is playing for the podium, something that a few days we thought unlikely although we were happy to participate because Open all we loved it from the start with a love that has always grown. It’s a pop song surrounded by it. of enthusiasm and the work of a team of passionate people, people of quality. Today we are crazy about it because we feel it entering the lives of many people “, says Lorenzo Cherubini before the last roll call:” Let’s vote Morandi !!!!!!! !!!!!! great strength Gianni you are all of us! and thanks for this wonderful experience! “.