Sanremo 2022: Noemi diva (7), The Representative of the Space List (9), the votes for the looks of the fourth evening

Finally color! After the triumph of black and white and glitter seen at the Ariston in recent days, the fourth evening of Sanremo 72, dedicated to the covers, lights up with the overwhelming colors chosen by the singers in the competition. Starting with Noemi, who sits at the piano swaddled in a magenta draped jersey long dress with halter neck and bare back by Alberta Ferretti. “You make me feel like a natural woman” she sings, “You’re crazy, you don’t get a look wrong” unanimously applauds Twitter. In a perfect word. Rating 7. Amadeus shines at his side, in a golden lurex jacket and black satin lapels. Rating 6.

Tank top, again you, but we weren’t supposed to see each other anymore? Giovanni Truppi does not part with his own, and for the duet with Vinicio Capossela back to show it off in a red version. “3X2 confirmed by Zara: two black tank tops and the third is free” someone chirps. “It is not the undershirt itself, it is Truppi who does not have the body” writes another. What to say? Changing the order of the addends (or colors) does not change the result. Rating: 4.

More can be done for too Maria Chiara Giannetta, co-host of the evening, who goes down the stairs of the Ariston in a black balloon mini dress with rhinestones by Armani Privé. If this is not enough to convince most, Giannetta deserves an 8 and a half for the black tailcoat, also made by King George, and for the watercolor dress with colored crystals. Chapeau. Say goodbye to pink Saint John, which drops the ace of total white with baggy volumes by Diesel. And this time it hits the mark: vote 8. The superstars of the evening? Emma and Francesca Michielin. On stage, for the cover of Britney Spears’ ‘Baby one more time’, the duo roars. The first in petrol green velvet tuxedo with crystal embroidery, white shirt, black duchesse bustier signed Gucci. The second in a two-piece top and skirt in champagne-colored satin with encrusted Svarowski diamonds. The vote? Needless to say. Both passed with flying colors.

They use the joker Jovanotti-Morandi, both in white ‘twin’ tuxedos, respectively by Brioni and Giorgio Armani. For the odd couple the duet is memorable. As well as the look. Deserved 10. Elisa is like Bayern in the Bundesliga. For her cover of ‘What a Feeling’ the artist brings the dancer Elena D’Amario to the stage and wins the podium. Too bad, however, for the monochrome of the masculine jacket and flared ivory skirt with a georgette shirt and Valentino pendant. Flawless, of course, were it not that white who for the fourth evening in a row, let’s face it, tired. Rating 6. They do not betray expectations Loredana Bertè and Achille Lauro. He in a white suit and a white Gucci tulle shirt, she in a black mini dress by Gianluca Saitto, white ankle boots and blue hair. “Unfortunately, even today I was not born Loredana Bertè” points out a fan on Twitter. How to blame her. Vote 8 and a half.

It doesn’t take much to be elegant, like Malika Ayane and Matteo Romani, both dressed Armani. She in a long velvet dress, he in a shirt with a gray mandarin collar and black boots. Rated 9. There is undershirt and undershirt. He knows it well Irama, who for the duet with Gianluca Grignani takes the stage in bomber jacket and Givenchy graffiti trousers with matching black tank top. Rating 7+. Ten, ten and ten more for Donatella Rettore and Ditonellapiaga. Black pvc jacket for the first, red leather pants and black spencer jacket by Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini for the second.

Spatial, literally, The list representative, in Moschino by Jeremy Scott for the duet with Cosmo and Marghe Vicario. Perfecto and silver cuissardes for her, biker jackets and black leather bikers for him. “What power” writes someone on Twitter, “Veronica looks like the tin man of the Wizard of Oz” replies another. Rated 9. It is “a beautiful girl who goes to her cousin’s communion with a nice dress” Ana Mena according to the voice of the social networks that does not forgive the singer the white mini dress by Emporio Armani.

Michele Bravi, what a look! The singer does not miss a beat and after having amazed in red, he pulls out an emerald green suit with a vest embroidered with crystals by Roberto Cavalli by Fausto Puglisi. Rated 8. The couple outperforms the competition Mahmood-Blanco: suspenders by Fendi and dress with leather Bermuda shorts for the first, pastel cut-out suit for the second, which shows ‘The sky in a room’. Vote 9.

Rkomi instead he enters the scene with the studded leather trouser cover -which is so much s / m- and a reindeer jacket with fringes that lasts as long as a la. Perfect yes, but for a rodeo. Not classified. Snow queen look for Arisa, which for the duet with Aka7even opt for a white dress with train and feathers. The style hit? The words of ‘Cambiare’ by Alex Baroni, on which the two duet, embroidered on his jacket made by Stella McCartney. 7 for both. Highsnob and Hu they get better from evening to evening. He is ‘classic’ in a tuxedo and leather gloves, she is very elegant in a black balloon dress on the notes of Luigi Tenco’s poignant ‘I’m in love with you’. 10 and praise. AND’ Dargen D’Amico or Pierrot? The singer appears on stage in a black and white suit remaining true to himself and without betraying his character. (by Federica Mochi)