Sanremo 2022, which are the most listened to songs on YouTube: the ranking

What are the songs of the Sanremo 2022 Festival most listened to on YouTube? Here is the special ranking that will leave you speechless

The 72nd edition of the singing event was a huge success. The twenty-five tracks in the competition are almost all highly appreciated by the Italian public. It is clear that among these, there is one that Italians love more than the others. In this article we draw up the ranking of the most listened to songs on the YouTube streaming platform.

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The most viewed songs on YouTube of Sanremo 2022: the ranking (Source: Instagram)

What are the most listened to songs on YouTube of Sanremo 2022

The 72nd edition of the Sanremo Festival comes to an end. It was a real success. About ten million viewers, a share that has even exceeded 60% in some cases. The conductor and artistic director Amadeus he broke all records, even beating himself. A spectacular edition with music at the center. The twenty-five songs were almost all liked by the Italian public. There will be only one winner, but we are sure they will all be successful on the radio and on streaming platforms.

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As far as streaming platforms are concerned, on Spotify, Mahmood and Blanco’s song, “Chills”, set an incredible record: it turned out to be the most listened to song ever in a single day with more than 3 million streams. On YouTubeinstead, how are the songs of Sanremo 2022? Let’s find out with this special ranking.

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The ranking

  1. Mahmood and Blanco “Chills” (9 million views)
  2. Irama – “Wherever you will be” (2 million views)
  3. Elisa – “Or maybe it’s you” (1.8 million views)
  4. The List Representative – “Bye Bye” (1.6 million views)
  5. Sangiovanni – “Farfalle” (1.4 million views)
  6. Ana Mena – “Two Hundred Thousand Hours” (1.2 million views)
  7. Fabrizio Moro – “It’s you” (1.1 million views)
    Rkomi – “Unsurpassed” (1.1 million views)
  8. Noemi – “I love you I don’t know how to say” (903 thousand views)
  9. Gianni Morandi – “Open all doors” (896 thousand views)
  10. Michele Bravi – “Winter of flowers” (829 thousand views)
  11. Emma – “Every time it’s like this” (764 thousand views)
  12. Dargen D’Amico – “Dove si balla” (723 thousand views)
  13. Aka 7Even – “Perfect like this” (623 thousand views)
  14. Achille Lauro – “Sunday” (612 thousand views)
  15. Ditonellapiaga and Rector – “Chemistry” (539 thousand views)
  16. Giusy Ferreri – “Honey” (438 thousand views)
  17. Matteo Romano – “Viral” (371 thousand views)
  18. Highsnob and Hu – “Take care of yourself” (268 thousand views)
  19. The Vibrations – “Tantissimo” (260 thousand views)
  20. Yuman – “Now and here” (180 thousand views)
  21. Massimo Ranieri – “Letter from beyond the sea” (145 thousand views)
    Tananai – “Casual sex” (145 thousand views)
  22. Giovanni Truppi – “Your father, my mother, Lucia” (125 thousand views)
  23. Iva Zanicchi – “I want to love you” (48 thousand views)