Sanremo 2022, who will be the hosts of the PrimaFestival: there is also the talented Neapolitan actor

As in the five previous editions, this Sanremo 2022 will also be anticipated every evening by the PrimaFestival: here are the names of the conductors!

The organizational machine of Sanremo 2022 it has been running for several months and it can be said that Amadeus has everything ready to embark on his third experience as conductor and artistic director of the famous singing festival.

Sanremo 2022, who will be the hosts of the PrimaFestival: there is also the talented Neapolitan actor (Rai Play)

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As for the Big players in the race, it is about big names in music (Iva Zanicchi, Massimo Ranieri, Gianni Morandi, Emma Marrone and many others) who will certainly make this unforgettable 72nd edition.

Amadeus then scored another ‘goal’ with the choice of co-hosts: famous faces but also emerging faces, who with their iconicity, their talent and everything that each represents, will really make a difference.

Also this year, before each episode (to be exact starting from January 29th and until February 5th) the strip of the PrimaFestival, which has become a custom since 2017. Interviews, insights and sketches will lead the way every evening at each appointment with the event. Who will be there this time to conduct?

Sanremo 2022, here are the names of the PrimaFestival conductors

The first two editions of the short preview were broadcast from the Biribissi Room of the Sanremo Casino. In 2019 and 2020, the location was instead the red carpet of the Ariston Theater. And if last year we found Giovanna Civitillo, Valeria Graci and Giovanni Vernia at the helm directly from the Ariston, this time three other beloved faces of the show will be leading the games.

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We will see first Ciro Priello, winner of the first edition of LOL – Who laughs is out and former competitor of the last season of Such and Which Show. Here the actor of the The Jackal confirmed talent to sell from many points of view.

Then there will be the former Miss Italy and TV presenter Roberta Capua, fresh from the success of Summer Live alongside Gianluca Semprini. Finally, we will have Paola Di Benedetto, former winner of the GF Vip, model, influencer and presenter of Hot Factor, which aired last year on Sky.

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conductors of the PrimaFestival
Photo source: Instagram

A great trio that will surely prove to be up to the task entrusted to them.