Sanremo 2022, why won’t Fiorello be there? Maurizio Costanzo explains this clearly

Why won’t Fiorello be in Sanremo 2022? To clearly explain the reason for the refusal is Maurizio Costanzo: his words on the matter.

It would seem to be quite official: Fiorello will not be in Sanremo 2022. Although both he and Amadeus had confirmed their refusal to a third consecutive Festival together, it would seem that the conductor has once again confirmed his presence on the Ariston stage. Unlike, however, the good Rosary. Who, apparently, said no.

Why won’t Fiorello be in Sanremo 2022? Maurizio Costanzo talks about it. Photo Source: Instagram

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There are so many people who would have liked to see him on the Sanremo stage again. And that they would have liked to attend the magnificent show that, for two consecutive, Rosario Fiorello and Amadeus have created for the very affectionate public of the musical event. Now, however, we do not know what happened, the fact is that it would seem that the very nice Fiorello will not be on the stage of the Festival. But what everyone is asking is: why? What happened? If Amadeus accepted, why didn’t Fiorello do it? To reveal everything in the smallest detail, it was Maurizio Costanzo! It is precisely on the pages of the weekly Nuovo that the beloved presenter explained the reason for this refusal.

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Why won’t Fiorello be in Sanremo 2022? The reason explained by Maurizio Costanzo

We were all waiting for this moment and, instead, it would seem that we will not be able to be spectators! Although the person concerned has not yet expressed himself in this regard, it would seem that Fiorello has made a drastic decision: not to participate in Sanremo 2022! Unlike Amadeus, his faithful friend and colleague, the Sicilian comedian and presenter would have decided not to be present at his side. Here, but for what reason?

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It was Maurizio Costanzo who spoke openly about what prompted Fiorello to refuse the third consecutive Sanremo with Amadeus. From what we learn from the conductor, it would seem that the very nice Sicilian has decided to refuse the Festival for a very specific reason: do not fall into banality! “Fiorello is someone who does not want to risk becoming banal and repetitive, Rai will find another in his place”, said the good Costanzo on the pages of the weekly Nuovo.

Sanremo 2022 Fiorello
Photo Source: Instagram

What do you think? Do you think Fiorello will change his mind? We sincerely hope so!