Sanremo 2023, Amadeus calls Angelo Duro for the second evening

On the Ariston stage, the ‘immoral’ comedian that kids like

TO San Remo 2023 the politically incorrect comedian arrives in the late evening Hard Angel, loved by young people who fill the theaters where he performs. “I am happy to make an announcement: in the second evening there is a young, very strong, very nice comedian: Angelo Duro”, announced Amadeus, guest of Fiorello’s program ‘Viva Rai2′. “But shut up, shut up,” Duro himself commented through gritted teeth, passing behind Amadeus. “I remembered him more sympathetic”, Amadeus’ answer. “Calling him a comedian is an understatement, he’s a unique talent,” said Fiorello, saying he was a big fan of Duro.

Born in Palermo in 1982, the forty-year-old Duro, after an experience in the television program ‘Le Iene’, began his journey on web channels where he publishes videos in which he deals, with his stinging style, with themes that shock users for its reading key is decidedly different from the main stream and from fair play at all costs. In a short time he got millions of views, especially from the younger audience. Which followed him even when he decided to land his shows in theaters, giving him one sold out after another. With his unpopular language and his arrogant, surly, annoying and immoral character, he is loved by young people. He collected sold out throughout the peninsula (the first date at the Petruzzelli theater in Bari sold out in less than two hours from the announcement). Between February and August, he already has a 28-date tour planned with the new show ‘I’ve changed’, 13 of which are already sold out. In 2018 he published his first novel entitled “Il piano B”, published by Mondadori. And soon another one will come.

The public loves his frankness, his attitude that seems to be the denial of empathy and political correctness, so much so that Duro is even capable of sitting on stage for ten minutes in silence without opening his mouth. And be acclaimed.

To give an idea of ​​the figure of the character created by Duro, his Da Solo Produzioni with which he self-produces theatrical shows is presented on the web as follows: “Da Solo Produzioni does not offer musical artists who sing shameful songs and who disappear after three days. It doesn’t produce shitty films financed with public money that nobody then watches. It doesn’t collaborate with televisions and platforms that offer programs and TV series for brain-damaged people. It doesn’t publish fucking books on cooking recipes or novels for invertebrates. It’s the company that takes care of it only of the production and distribution of Angelo Duro’s tours and events. And that’s it. We don’t give a shit about everything else”.