Sanremo 2023, Amadeus talks about his fourth Festival

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Will be Anna Oxa to inaugurate the fourth Sanremo Festival of Amadeus. Today, at the Teatro del Casinò, where the press room has been set up, the conductor and artistic director, flanked by his traveling companion Gianni Morandi and Rai top management, held the first press conference of the 73rd edition of the Italian Song Festivalwhich will start tomorrow evening, Tuesday 7 February, and end next Saturday, when the winner will be announced.

What is now official is not only the centrality of the Ariston stage but also the joy of a city that has recovered the Festival. Piazza Colombo will host concerts, Corso Matteotti is divided in two by a suggestive “green carpet” and crowded with people. The director of RaiUno Stefano Coletta he renamed it the Festival of awareness: “It will be a festival not so much of rebirth, because perhaps we have already been reborn but an event that wants to bring celebration and awareness to Italian homes. In the lyrics of the songs I found this urgency to say, not to lose time, there is a desire to talk about themselves without shame, especially in young artists who have experienced a phase of relational silence and are now putting themselves on the line with lightness and depth.It will be a great party over five evenings made up of memory, emotion, joy, sobriety and simplicity that mark this landlord, Amadeus, accompanied by an artist like Gianni Morandi who made the history of music”. And speaking of history, Amadeus announced a tribute to Lucio Battisti and Lucio Dalla linked to the eightieth anniversary of the birth of both artists, and to the 25th anniversary of Battisti’s death: “We will remember Lucio Battisti in the early evening and Lucio Dalla on Friday evening and the idea is make all the Ariston sing”. “I find it very romantic to have a letter and be able to read it.” On the question of the message of Zelensky at the Sanremo Festival Amadeus was clear: “There has been a lot of talk about this speech: the desire of the Ukrainian president was to be there. But he himself had not said: I will be in person or in a video message. Then through the ambassador he expressed the desire to write a letter. The we will read how it arrives. We only asked that it be already translated into Italian”.

And if the evening is over Amadeus he will pass the baton to his friend Fiorello (who intervened by telephone during the conference and did not miss an opportunity to pleasantly tease the director Coletta), during the live broadcasts he will have by his side Gianni Morandi: “I’m happy to start this fourth adventure. I like the adrenaline and the climate that is created and this year I’m happy and honored to have Gianni Morandi by my side: he is the history of the show. Singer, actor, conductor, Gianni is one of those who make the history of our country. And I get on well with him, beyond what he represents. I love to surround myself with people who not only have a sense of the show, but who share the same way with me to work, with simplicity, transparency, emotion, enthusiasm and Gianni has it. He is much loved, but at the same time a person of great availability”.

“Sanremo is great when it leaves songs to remember from Mengoni to Diodato, to Elodie, Mahmood with Blanco, Achille Lauro. Last year with Rkomi, Sangiovanni, Tananai they proposed hits that didn’t end after 15 days”: so Gianni Morandi at the first press conference of the Sanremo Festival number 73. Then he opens the casket of memories: “I think of when I saw Sanremo at the Marchioni bar in Monghidoro with my father, with Modugno who spread his arms and went around the world. Since then I’ve been there I’ve come many times. This year Amadeus asked me to come back and I accepted. People like Sanremo, I notice it even on the street: he’s 73 years old, but in my opinion he’ll go on for dozens and dozens more years.” Before taking leave Gianni Morandi wanted to express closeness to the Turkish and Syrian people for the earthquake that hit the two countries causing thousands of victims: “When news like tonight’s news arrives, it hits you. We’re here talking about music, but a thought for what happened We all have it. But the show has to go on.”